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Some Bugs



At this page for downloading the apk, it's written:

"Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate"

But by clicking on "Donate", it leads to a broken link:


added 2 minutes later

It is written Here, that Bitcoin is accepted for Purchases and Donations.

Yet, at the Donations page, there is only PayPal:



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@Backlift The donate link had an extra trailing slash, which caused it not to work. Fixed that in the file description.

As for Bitcoin, that is only for VIP purchases. The donate system is not connected to the VIP system. I don't know how to reconcile the two, but PayPal only works with the donate page, Bitcoin only with VIP. This is due to the fact PayPal would ban us if I used their API for VIP, and no development support for BTC on the donate plugin.

For me, DMCA page works fine:

 Forums   GameGuardian   Protected by DMCA Protection.png

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