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Found 55 results

  1. Good and looked for a hack u scripts for the game my cafe recipes and stories but I did not find any would be so kind to create one for this game I need a hack to level up fast and unlimited items are already gems and infinite gold but there are things we do not want enough with a hack to be able to have everything unlimited
  2. Inpecstigator

    Catch.Me.If.You.Can and Security Concerns

    Forgive me if this was asked, though I am 99% sure it hasn't come up yet because I did thorough searching using the site's search engine as well as third party engines. This morning I attempted to download and install game guardian (using this site's download link), and when I opened up the .apk there were quite a few flashes on my screen which instantly made me panic and think I might have messed up and downloaded some nefarious application. I quickly uninstalled, wiped, did all I could and I noticed that when I installed Game Guardian there was a second app installed, same icon and everything, called catch.me.if.you.can. Now, I already know that antivirus and other security programs will flag Game Guardian as dangerous software because of its inherent nature, but I really need some assurance that Game Guardian.net is not a group of malicious individuals. More importantly, what is this second apk that was downloaded and installed? I really am worried right now and want to know if anyone can explain this Catch.Me.If.You.Can deal. Bless you all in advance.
  3. KIVER

    Value cannot be changed.

    My Android is 8.0. No root. So I run GameGuardian in Parallel Space. It is easy to find the value。I modified the value but did not change anything. I tried to modify a lot of games, but it will not work. I don't think that's a problem with the game.
  4. Eeeeeeeeooooooown


    Hello so, I tried doin a speed hack on Wild Animals Online and this popped up, any ways to fix this?
  5. Eleiyas

    Game with XIGNCODE3 - how to bypass?

    I am trying to play and cheat the game "Monster Super League'' by ''4:33 games'', except I cannot even load the game before I get the mesage --Illegal Program Found, bla bla, quitting now, XIGNCODE3-- I know this was a thing with old versions of Avabel and a lot of people seem to have bypassed it with XPrivacy or RootCloak, except this isn't working for me. I have limited the game's access to nearly everything with XPrivacy - all but the binder in fact - because restricting access to the binder causes the game to crash on launch. In RootCloak I have added every keyword I can think of --GG, GGuardian, guardian, game, root, xposed, framework, module -- etc, you get the idea. How can I access this game ?
  6. benromano16


    I'd like some help using gameguardian. When I search a value and go back to the game to change that value, the second search always found 0 results... Anyone with the same problem? Please help, thank you.
  7. ahmad94

    game is force stop

    if i cheat my game is a normal, i mean no problem,but i kill other player ,, my game auto forces stop, please help me, btw my game Mobile legend bang bang thank'st
  8. Hello everyone. Nice to meet with you all. Kopil Kaiser here, i am trying to find out a way to mod HayDay if someone can help me would have been really really helpful. My facebook profile : www.facebook.com/kopilkaiser24 , don't hesitate to add me up guys Peace everyone love you all gameguardian makers <3
  9. Title. I got so many questions that need to be answered. What is the difference between a green and red timer? What is the difference between system,app,java, and other timers? What's the difference of selecting 1 green timer and all of them? Does each green timer affect something else in the game? (Pack pulls, critical hits, etc) Please be as simple as possible cause I don't understand the coding language lol. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, i will ask a question Can AimBot be in this game? / If we can, how will I do it? Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.foglo.svt&hl=tr --------------------The other question is--------------------------------------------------------------- The values in the game are constantly changing, how do I write a script?
  11. Thevilish

    Changing values and addresses.

    Hi GG, can you guys help me? everytime finding the value or address via auto mode, and save it via txt file, when i close the game and reopen it, i load my txt file and the values of the game changes, how can i fix this?
  12. some one tell me why . i dont start new topic in Lua script download im new member pls help . thanks all
  13. tallman

    feature points

    Does anyone know if game gaurdian will work on FeaturePoints. If so does anyone know the file that holds your point level?
  14. ankit007

    Candy Crush Saga Lua Script

    Hello Every one can anyone create a lua script for editing score in candy crush saga and also the moves after the latest update i can edit the score
  15. Hi! I'm having trouble with rooting my Kindel Fire, I need to root my device in order to Hack gems, gold, and food. I was watching a video on youtube about a guy using GameGuardian and KingRoot, he gave a link to both the apps, Game Guardian downloaded normally but just needs the root. So this is the link to KingRoot he gave in the description https://kingroot.net. I went to it and downloaded it, it downloaded just fine too (I downloaded purify as well.) then I started the root process, it got to 15% and said I needed to restart my Kindel Fire. I did as it asked and restarted it, then it was said something about being boosted and ready to start again or something like that. Can't really remember. So I started the rooting again and it got to 21% before the whole screen changed. Now it has a rotating circle with a sun and crescent moon, in the middle of the circle it sys Completing Requests, below this is a number 1 in the middle of the circle. Below the circle it says in small letters, please wait patiently for the update. I waited a while and nothing happened, the screen stayed the same for more than 30 minutes. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME! I DON'T KNOW OF ANY OTHER SITE THAT COULD HELP!
  16. Pittieloveer


    Okay well I messed around with my game csr2 I got I don't know the couple million dollars a few thousand gold a couple thousand keys but I tried to change something else and I kind of froze my gold now everytime I get gold I don't get it it's froze like it's frozen at zero I play on an Android device it's rooted with Ruto King so yeah if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it thank you in advance
  17. i need help wo can't play “天天酷跑" ,,,My phone 's system is cm13 and my phone is Xiaomi4C
  18. RookieMistake

    SimCity Buildit

    Ola I admit I am new to the whole hacking and rooting thing but I'm legitimately trying to do it the right way. I play SimCity Buildit (haha i know) and I managed to use Game Guardian to change the price of a watertower from 12 000 to 1; I did this to 3 other things but then when I tried to do it again my screen froze and took me back to my home screen. When I re-checked my prices they went back to the original prices. I've watched like 6 tutorials on how to use Game Guardian and they don't want to work so I could use some help over here please thanks
  19. kbi190

    how to select multiple address?

    for example I want to replace the address from xxxxxx00 to xxxxxxFC all with the value 2. is there some way quickly?
  20. Rojiddj

    Alpha Guns 2

    Name of Game: Alpha Guns 2 Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.renderedideas.alphaguns2 Version: 3.5.1 What cheat? ??Health, ?✓xp, ✓✓gold, ?✓cash, ??stamina...: Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Comments:
  21. CheatTester

    LUA script edit multiple saved list

    how to edit multiple data on saved list at once, usually iam edit it one by one using r = gg.getListItems() r[1].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) r[2].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) r[3].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) and so on,,, and this is edit the data in sequence not at once in the same time how to edit the list number 1,2,3 at once in the same time? (what i want is, select data 1,2,3. edit all) thankyou
  22. i can't bear the whetstone of miui OS. it kills GG everytime. however, it can't be uninstall. so i decide to use a early ver. of GG. but i can't find my input history. it's important for me. anyone knows where to find it? please tell me.
  23. Avenged02

    Time jump does not work

    When I use time jump, it doesn't work for any of my apps. When I look at the list of timers, they are all red and none of them are green. Thanks
  24. As the title says, when I try to buy something, I hit the buy button, the window comes up for me to pay and it does say the credit card for Freedom. Then I hit buy again. It then proceeds to say Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped. I hit ok and the window for me to buy isn't there anymore. When i hit the button in the game to buy again, nothing happens. But if I close the game, and open it again in Freedom and hit the buy button for the same item, it says, Your purchase has been restored. Someone help me. My first post so don't ban me if i broke a rule or something. Sorry bout that I have a Samsung Galaxy Avant, rooted of course, and freedom version 1.05 i believe. Thanks in advance
  25. Nextinction

    BBTan hack/cheat need help

    I need help on how to use GameGuardian to cheat on tis game or aybe another hack help me please game is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crater.bbtan I already tried just typing the values but it doesn't find them Please help me