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  1. Title makes no sense but If you find the address you can mess with players colour and basically the hole games rendering Region: CA its usually DWORD 8, DWORD 9, DWORD 11, DWORD 12 not really a guide but I thought I'd tell since gameguardian is dog s*** on visual hacking with exynos
  2. Title says it all I search unknown value (REGION VIDEO) 0 results every time Any help?
  3. It could be any value.. Find the shadow value and go into memory viewer Mess with some local values there
  4. Search your cash amount and add X4 on the end (DWORD) Edit it to 9999999X4 Worked for me
  5. Ok to prove my guide on making the see through walls works I'm releasing a code thing Set region to c alloc Search "960.0F;459.5F;960.0F;459.5F;0.5F:25" Refine to 0.5 Edit a few at a time Edit to 0.9 and freeze Wallah No imagine since I dont have time I got the code from my method in guides
  6. Probably a encrypted value Example: My gold is 1520 DWORD search 1520X4 edit it to your value like this 99999X4
  7. Yes somehow I have found a method that isnt trial and error Ok so let's get started In a match go to gameguardian and set range to c alloc Now search unknown value Look down Search decreased Look up Search increased Keep doing that until its narrowed down If you look down then go into search results Its MOST likely to be in the value of" -0.4~-0.9" Edit them 1 by one and freeze them Eventually it should look like this Hope I helped
  8. I expect alot of us would love to have a draw function in gg lua • You could make esps alot easier • it would make apk modding would basically useless Cant think of any other things but yea It would be OP and a new future for gameguardian
  9. Decrease value search ect ez
  10. You downgraded to a flip phone?
  11. Yes gameguardian doesnt work on ios
  12. Its incorrect add me: toocooltool#1940
  13. Care to explain how you found the value? Or was it just luck Thanks
  14. I dont get what your saying just that you want to not use editAll Example 1 is using edit all but let's say I want to edit just 3 gg.searchNumber("1;2;3;4::23", gg.TYPE_URTYPE) gg.refineNumber("3", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(1) gg.editAll("val", gg.TYPE_URTYPE) That will only edit value 3 But now let me show you a different method without editAll local s gg.searchNumber("1;2;3;4::23", gg.TYPE_URTYPE) s = gg.getResults(AMOUNT) for i,v in ipairs(s) do if v.value == "3" and v.flags == "TYPE" then v.value = "amount" end end
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