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  1. Thank you! I have tried to cheat all games recommended so far so I will download them.
  2. Well I appreciate both of you and I kinda like your rambling
  3. Thank you bro! Sorry my reply late. [added 1 minute later] Thanks Crystal mods 100x
  4. Thank you so much! I will download those games you recommend and try to hack
  5. Thank you so much, I just downloaded and will try to hack this today and tomorrow thanks again!
  6. Thank you Crystal Mods! You are the best. I will do research on anti cheat here and Thank you for offering me for your help. I really appreciate >>start off smooth by cracking offline games and slowly progress upward ^^ then you should be starting to write scripts now which are easy! I will do this Thanks again !
  7. Thank you so much! Also sorry my reply late. I didn’t get any notice. I will try ones I usually play
  8. Thank you so much! So it is related to data structures. I will try to look for with this information. thanks again for sharing your knowledge
  9. Thank you for the reply! I feel like my question was not clear enough. what I wanted to ask was that why those numbers are so large....My current searching skill can search and edit what I see on the screen(Coin value, health value etc). But I saw a video of someone searching for a big value(ten degits) to get an item and I was curious how she could find that the number is related to the item. thanks!
  10. I have been reading some scripts and noticed they search big values(usually like ten digits). what does this mean? I feel like I need this skill to hack games I want to hack but I don’t know where to start. Example : gg.searchNumber(“-1057677640;-1057761526”,gg.TYPE_DWORD) thanks!
  11. Hello. I am new to GG and super excited to learn how to use it more. (And finally found someone who rooted my phone. Corner apps somehow didn’t work well with my phone) I want to practice basic skill and wondering if you can recommend me some games which can be easily modified with basic skill. thank you!
  12. Hello Enyby! Thank you so much! I really appreciate. Right now I am looking for some phones by XTE. Best Jazz
  13. Hello. I am new to hacking games and recently I bought a Samsung phone but I realized that parallel space apps would not work well with the device and also I am struggling to root(I even went to see a pro to root it but it seems like I bought one which is hard to root.) I am planning to buy another device and I am wondering if you can recommend one.Maybe one you are using right now and working fine. thanks!
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