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  1. Can anyone help plz Its so hard to gain money on game and its all to expensive
  2. 500k its too low for the game and you cant do that I just need someone how can hack or mod it. Not anyone who call it I don't need anyone to say they can make mods and then they'll download it to a website
  3. Bro but this version is the one that had already been mod You send a version from thecrazymod.com [added 3 minutes later] I thought you had modified the last version or the previous version. Because this version. Does not allow you to play online or buy cars at all [added 4 minutes later] We are back to square one fk
  4. It suposed to install before? then install moded? You mod what version? 0.977 (2/3/2021)? [added 3 minutes later] i Tryed install 0.9453 the install mod version but without sucess
  5. Sorry what i have to do install (NOOB) ahaha [added 1 minute later] I cant install, it says app not installed
  6. You are amazing. my sunday its trying to deobfuscating but without sucess
  7. Im trying until now but without any happy ending ahah
  8. Try 0.944 its the only one who have mod money I see something called DE4DOT but its not working where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrnnSCGEFFM&t=304s
  9. No problem bro, If you want I will pay you without any problem. I try the races i can Win, then sell and all working as non moded [added 0 minutes later] That is good news
  10. Ok I install it without do anything on NOX and the money value are the same, I have to do something?
  11. Sorry bro, How can I sign the apk? using Lucky? im so noob
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