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  1. danilo_scala

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    work but I try xp to level and no sucess, How reset account or how get later? In Begin i search 50(100).
  2. danilo_scala

    How to search and replace HEX array (AoB scan) - GameGuardian

    @Enyby all okay now. Thanks
  3. danilo_scala

    How to search and replace HEX array (AoB scan) - GameGuardian

    Nice i want learn this,when i click play in video(use smartphone) go next video
  4. danilo_scala

    [ Source ] GG Decompiler Tool Source Code by Dj-jom2x

    great work friend,
  5. hi friend, great work script decompile, please where i can download? or send inbox thanks. have a nice day
  6. danilo_scala

    Script Fun Link Hago

    Work in last version hago?try here
  7. danilo_scala

    HAGO Request

    Good game
  8. danilo_scala


    ghostbusters world detect game guardian installed
  9. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    try and stuck with original apk 1.8. download only apk no obb in apkpure
  10. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    Cool, ok, thanks,try some mods old version and stuck in loading
  11. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    ? Try bypass and no Lucky
  12. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    news ???
  13. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    Thanks for the tips friend, try here
  14. danilo_scala

    Hungry Dragon

    I have problem in bypass to use Game Guardian. No try save edit yet, cool game
  15. danilo_scala

    Shadow Fight 2

    hi friends, I found a method to hack shadow fight 2 and have the latest version and can log on google play and have experiences. donwload old version, this example 1.80, donwload link and extract> install apk, put data in android / obb. go to game, not update. to money - use freedom, creehack, appsara or luckypatcher to buy money and other things in game (need turn on wi fi). buy much .. to Level- example. you level 5 - to level 6 ---- 100/500 xp .. scan with gameguardian 500 and edit all to number 1 in map, fight and all work ... you can later update game, see request here , i hope help other in game ask update and choose no. , close update automatic . in game ask to download part chapters 2,3,... this not problem http://www.mediafire.com/download/yzguuyl74z9dc41/Shadow_fight_2_v1.8.0_(www.Apkhouse.com).apk http://www.mediafire.com/download/88idrb6do9m82hj/shadow-fight-v2-1.8.0_www.GetAndroid.iR.zip
  16. danilo_scala


    nice, i will try in the walking dead our world
  17. danilo_scala

    Jurassic World alive GameGuard

    this game is server-side, no hack money, coin....
  18. danilo_scala

    Site updates in 2018

    nice.. fantastic.. thanks
  19. danilo_scala

    Fruit Ninja Cheats

    Need update cheat, i only know hack score but, xp, event and tokens no @Enyby @NoFear
  20. danilo_scala

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    32 may (1 june) =D haha
  21. danilo_scala

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    you are an genius enyby, you have changed the android hack and cheat scenarios.
  22. danilo_scala

    No root via VirtualXposed (without error 105) - GameGuardian

    very good, thanks enyby
  23. danilo_scala


    thanks , keep your great work.. nice nice.. i will try "light a way "release today.
  24. danilo_scala


    thanks one more time for your great work @Enyby, keep this. you innovated memory editor and transformed unique fantastic app.