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    today update android 5.1 set game is not automatic now, i need manual search game and choose a game to mod, not problem, .
  2. danilo_scala


    thanks lock value work great ,thanks for explaining "add value not replace" location i will try ,i move and tap in icon in new location , icon back, i will try, last question, sorry . deceleration / acceleration speed games ARM? not found. thanks @Enyby and @d2dyno, great people and good suport. very good forum .
  3. danilo_scala


    @Enyby, good morning, i found value , ok if i go menu save load not appear nothing, if i hold my finger in value in search menu have "add to value, do not replace". what is this? i click too. not appear address your picture in save -load, IN set icon location i move and when close icon set location back to defaut (reset) ocation, sorry my english
  4. thanks d2dyno,I know some mod (little) because i m moderator forum brute force save data ps3 and try learn i little power pc (asm) with my friend too , but android i will try learn a little and pratice too , love this.I will pay attention in your guides..
  5. hi good morning , would tutorial, guides, love learning hex, mod, cheat, hack .. some multiplayer games, or before releases or some exclusive app to vip or beta tester. . Thank you for listening.
  6. danilo_scala


    Please one question, gameguardian have option to not modify value? Exemple, found money or life and not change value to infinite
  7. danilo_scala


    Nice friend, thanks for this. i love this app. keep this great work
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