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  1. Hago update version 2.6.1 ,no Work.
  2. work but I try xp to level and no sucess, How reset account or how get later? In Begin i search 50(100).
  3. Nice i want learn this,when i click play in video(use smartphone) go next video
  4. hi friend, great work script decompile, please where i can download? or send inbox thanks. have a nice day
  5. Work in last version hago?try here
  6. danilo_scala


    ghostbusters world detect game guardian installed
  7. try and stuck with original apk 1.8. download only apk no obb in apkpure
  8. Cool, ok, thanks,try some mods old version and stuck in loading
  9. ? Try bypass and no Lucky
  10. Thanks for the tips friend, try here
  11. I have problem in bypass to use Game Guardian. No try save edit yet, cool game
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