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  1. it already works with 2.1 . got unbanned from game they cant detect the timejump method at this time,
  2. It means you must be nice to members and its not good id you flame like a child _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later I think we have a working team. I close this thread until the admin needs more mods. Anyway, if you think you can help us. Be very active in our community and pm d2dyno for mod job
  3. how you did that? i lost some accounts for speedhacking?
  4. whats about to dont highjack other threads? whats about using the forum search? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later sorry mister, im very busy atm
  5. now i can remember me, the modder of 1.8 war robots said he patched serverban requests to locale0, i think it has to do with the social id every player get. wich file did you exactly patched with lp o in gl games? any data stored on in the packed apk or in dalvic?
  6. lolwhat? 8.5.10 is detected and 5.9. not? make no sense
  7. geribaldi


    yeah restart death targets a pity that you are not a woman, otherwise I would send you flowers for that enyby _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later if you really want to download our app, why you dont use the site menu with the download button? but im in a good mood today because i got a new v*a*g*iooops**..... here is the magic download link https://gameguardian.net/download
  8. if you got banned from any gameloft game use luckypatcher. Our coder enyby released some patches for lucky patcher, so you can unban you in seconds without to spoof imei or other device ids all credits and 1000 thanks to @Enybyfor releasing another high quality cheating stuff
  9. there is no problem, its a thing of laziness
  10. yes i know, but i would be nice if we can start any app from gameguardian
  11. enyby, i use gamerecording app from samsung, the have a nice feature what shows only the games installed on mobile. you can start a game from the list and the recorder automatically starts too. would be a user friendly feature in gg
  12. game version 1.9 _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later i banned for that. not sure if it was for the video or for using timejump
  13. look into the gameguardian options. its a little bit complicated, but we want make this feature more usefull in the next versions
  14. you can see it it the video. set timejump 1sec and walk against the direction you want to move
  15. no, dont use speedhack or you get banned. use timejump with a small value
  16. First, i say thank you to @Enyby and @d2dyno for giving us this great hacking app. This Hack only work with our gameguardian app. Forget all the other outdated, never supported memory editors. The gamedevelopers changed the netcode in version 1.90 to prevent speedhackers.....and they failed a lot Its not easy to fly around the map, you need a bit exercise. Also i dont give you a guide how to use this exactly, but i give you a hint: Timejump!!!!!! but see yourself all credits to me geribaldi, enyby&d2dyno for making this stunning app
  17. geribaldi


    sure, send me your phone
  18. @Enyby is it possible to de/accelrate the game with fps changes? i mean if you have a slow phone and you get framedrops the game will not reconnect also if the game speed drops i saw on another game of you turn the speedhack on, the game hangs for one second. this can be detected from aanticheatthreads(if its the same like pc) on pc we inject the hack at the same time the game.exe is started. maybe its better we can start apps from gg with directly inject (how you call that if its no injecting?)
  19. Ah ok, yes gg is the most running app on my phone. it run 15/7
  20. o found the first game where the speedhack dont work error 101 o dont care about, but i would to know why its not work btw: There is a 70mb temp file in the gg folder. do i need to delete that manually or is it automatically deleted after few days? last_run.log
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