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  1. Maybe its better you upload the xml files here enyby. I dont trust c/p from websites
  2. Or download jota+ its a very powerfull editor patch it with uret patcher. Enyby dont need to reformatting it if you edit his xml with that. He can send you the beta apk, you can edit and recompile it and send that to him Uret_Patcher_v1.14.apk
  3. Look into our apk section. There a app... Haaaa, i forgot we have now unlimited upload traffic. I forced d2 to that Its a epic app you can nearly everything edit in a apk file. Xml, smali and db files APK_Editor_Pro_v1.7.0_[Paid]-1.apk Ther are a lot good editors on playstore for programmers too _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later You need to install it with lucky patcher to bypass licence check. Go to kompilieren und installieren in lp. Nicht normal installieren
  4. @Skullboyq you can paste the text in apk editor for better formatting
  5. Stupid question. How the hell i can buy anything on the shop??? There is nothing i can buy I raged the game with speedhack 5+ and used ammo and health with gg, no ban. But I can't buy weapons etc. Btw: i freezed all players health, server crashed everytime Nice trolling
  6. Please look into xda dev forums, there you will find the help you needed
  7. geribaldi


    Lol. Gentlebaby, CoC is a pure online game. Everything is on the server. Its completely impossible to hack that game.
  8. Name of Game: sniper arena Game Version: 0.6.9 Name of Cheat: memory hack Search type: double and float After months i played sniper arena again. I thought the game is completely serverside but it seems with new features of gameguardian there is something possible. I tested something with weapon power and it worked. Dont use to high values. I tryed to make me unkillable but i havnt luck because i have not enough knowledge. It must be possible because there are other cheaters i cant kill. If anyone from you have more skills with memhacking please look inside the game and help against the "damn cheaters" Edit: @Enyby sometimes it shows me only float values after a autosearch and the next time float and doubles (screen) for the same value i searched. What can it be? Also few times the game crashes. I think cause of freezed values. Is there any way i can do against crashes? Is there any way that you can give a look into that game? Its russian
  9. Hey community, In last months we had a lot of updates and new features in our gameguardian app. The translations of language files are automatically generated and need a lot of fixes. Here a german example: "ms" (milliseconds) is autotranslated in "frau" (miss=woman) It made no sense Please help us to update the language files in your language on http://gameguardian.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/ I will do it for German Thank you, Your gameguardian team
  10. geribaldi


    I already tryed that, its a bug as i said. for example: if i delete the existing list and press okay, the empty list want be saved Seems like another error Btw separators. it worked in all previous versions with , and.
  11. geribaldi


    Thats complete new for me but it clarify a lot. The english language has a bug. In germany we don't use any separator for numbers. Only spaces for very large numbers like 1 000 000 000 000 000 Btw: what ever, i changed the keyboard language, same error
  12. geribaldi


    Let me try _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later @Enyby He is right, list of speeds has a bug. Its impossible to add new values. it saves nothing for me
  13. geribaldi


    Yeah im sorry for hijacking your thread but i thought someone has similar question for offsets. Btw, that sounds great. Another important feature you made possible for us. And lol, there was 5-10 requests this year you said "we dont need it" or "its to complicated, its impossible" but you did it every time Thank you again for working with our community.
  14. geribaldi


    @Skullboyq thank you for beeing active in our community and thank you again for a good quality of your posts
  15. There is only a pay hack on tth web. its a maphack, all other things are serverside
  16. I love this constructive diskussions i miss on other forums. that's great gentlemens
  17. For me is a offset a known memory adress for a value like playerspeed, colors, amm, bulletspeed//spread etc. for example here for battlefield 1. the offset is everywhere the same, on ever pc until the the game is updated. So coders can code one hack for on game and everyone can use this
  18. Gameguardian is a very powerful tool, its no noobtool. you can hack the games. it need sometime a lot of experience you can find on the web.
  19. @Enyby Lol, everytime anybody is talking about offsets, you ask the same question. I would say, "" learn more about pointers c, c+ and you understand what a offset is.....but i think you know what it is, but maybe u use any other word for it http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/search.php?searchid=6422707
  20. @SHB, the threadstarter asked for a cheat, hack, mod or a guide "how to cheat in that game" What do you think can he do with a imaginary modded apk from crisis 1.92? and a useless obb file? Its nice that you try to help, but this is complete useless. There is no mod for 1.92 because something is synced with server But you can use gameguardian for hacking that game. Code Cheat Crisis Action Auto Focus (Dword Only) Search 1082130432 1120403456 1045220557 Into 15000 AWP & SG No Limid (Dword Only) Search 1148846080 Into 1111 11 11 11 Bug Tembus (Dword Only) Search 1034147594,1051931443 Into 4 Fly Hight Jump (Dword Only) Search 1034147594,1051931443 Into 1070000000 One Hit Kill (Dword Only) Search 1034147594,1017370378 Into 1132593152 Wallhack (Auto Slow Only) Search 1008981770; 1092616192 1120403456 Into 17000000 To disable the anticheat on client, patch the apk with lp and disable all crisisfire threads and services
  21. Why the hell did you post the obb without the modded apk?
  22. Wtf, they banned now my legit level 25 premium account. whats wrong with pixonic
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