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  1. GG is for ANDROID..!!! on ios there is other ways to cheat A8
  2. No.. there is a trick to vanish all activated boosts.. maybe they do it by using 2 devices... I swear bro.. I don't know how but... I know that there is a trick to vanish'em... keep asking poeple maybe someone knows how to do it exactely.. I know someone who knows how.. I'll try to contact him.. mainwhile..keep searching
  3. Try to vanish all active boosts and use'em 1 by one to avoid that.. it works for me.. 😕
  4. U mean the last AI CHALLENGE..!!!?
  5. U r wrong.. everything is on DB Arash AF10 R&D ID is 9595
  6. Asphalt 8

    @TheGaMer786 😂 Ok 😉
  7. Asphalt 8

    If u want my opinion on A8 use hack credits and Boosters.. it is eazy and safe to hack'em .. how... just like those videos Hack Boosters Hack Credits
  8. Asphalt 8

    Yep.. it is possible ☺
  9. If on same Os it is possible but I don't know how..😕
  10. Lucky paycher is uselless.. it does nothing with A8... 👎
  11. U search 215 when u have search 215;180;55;120:16 Dwords... u will find just 4 values .. change them.. finish race 1st and u r done 😊 _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Like what u see on video 😕 _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later U can get bossters from mastery and from online events.. when u have atleast 5 then u can hack'em using same method as u see on video😉
  12. Hack time is possible but why u don't share such things and keep it as secret 😝 comm'on guys... it's just a game... show us how to hack time on A8 Android... look at screen shot... it's 100% possible 😠 00:00:000😮
  13. after using it on TLE.. I'm on CB.. so.. maybe it's safe just for MP world series 😕
  14. Asphalt 8... Android updated.. now it's show time 😉