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  1. update just tried. it just hide xposed from detection not GG.. T-T
  2. any hint? actually i didn't understand the bypass method. -from that I search, i just can hide xposed- some hint said that I can disassemble APK, search GG remove/change value and re-sign (haven't tried)
  3. got the point okay thanks, I will follow Your next update (whether you will bypass it or not :D) -things that I heard NMSS is top notch compare to the other developer, lol.-
  4. Line get rich and Seven Knight, is it hard to bypass the detection? ptrace , somehow ever heard it, but the ptrace that i know is just for anti debuging -CMIIW-
  5. I use virtualize machine for android games. just now, hide method that used by GG not works on some netmarble based game. (detected by security) I tried to hide root still not work, tried to hide app, but system still show GG. tried to hide GG from setting, still detected. anyone can help? can log file use for this problem? -didn't try yet- last time is just work nicely.
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