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  1. its better to just search for GET_ and you will get up most related things that can be modded. Also things like CRC and CHECK are things you can search for to get up things like APK crc checking and hack checks. Theres also other methods of locating things that can be modded but it is more advanced and would be hard to explain shortly in a post. Its also good to use IDA Pro since it supports remote debugging android devices.
  2. Just get autohack from my site theres a public version there for all latest versions of BF.
  3. AutoHack supports BraveFrontier 1.0.4
  4. My website got hacked. Some ***** also claims i sold the rights to Autohack to ElementEvil and that is not true. All they done is trying to steal my work and reskinned a old version of my hack tool. Don't trust their site they will only try rip you off and obviously they are to lame to actually code their own tool since they have to steal mine. www.anonthanatos.com will be back up again today and all old subscriptions will be reset back so all people that subscribed will get a full lenght period as compensation for all problems. Sucks when people needs to hack other peoples forums just because they are to retarded to make good tools themself!
  5. Ye how complicated can it be? Its not rocket science we are talking about here
  6. Instruction to do nothing is a NOP ( No Operation ) HEX C0 46 or you can put 00 to make a byte not do anything. like this [ 01 20 ] MOVS R0, #1 [ C0 46 ]NOP or [ 01 20 ] MOVS R0, #1 [ 00 00 ] Instead of repeating code or use other weird looking stuff its better to use those two alternatives.
  7. Hacking is easy once you know how to do it.

    1. sempai2055


      Well I got one for you to try to hack. Game is Hack EX. Tried all I could and it seems almost unhackable.



      sir can you help me how to download brave frointer jp apk .. me from phillipines plss

  8. Nothing yet. Been alittle busy with some other games but loaded up summon masters into IDA now and are going to take a look at it.
  9. programming section C/C++, java etc etc Reverse engineering Would be nice.
  10. Im sick. Ill look at it when i feel better.
  11. https://www.torproject.org/docs/android.html.en
  12. There's already a released update made by me. One VIP release and one public release.
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