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  1. 3 hours ago, LethalLighting said:

    Watch this video. They changed the max money amount alloted. I recorded a bypass.




    Looks like the game knows you cannot have a fractional value. 

    Using that link and code I gave, try finding the float value for something like 2000000000000000000

    Then edit the value to a proper amount. 

    I bet that works too :)

  2. Use this code 


    public class HelloWorld{

         public static void main(String []args){
             for (int i = 999; i < 1001; i++) {
                 long l = Double.doubleToLongBits((double)i);
                 System.out.println(i + " = " + Long.toHexString(l) + " " + Float.intBitsToFloat((int)(l >> 32)));

    Paste code here 


    Where you see 999 and 1001

    Put your range of values you want to convert .


    Game uses floating values and you MUST EDIT 2 values.  Editing 1 does nothing. Editing only the other, cause cheat detection. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Rehayel said:

    thanks i skiped through the word and byte values and changed the numbers in the dword that under them. now it worked but only the golden key didnt XD but its alright iam enjoying the game thanks to you.

    If you DEFINITELY edited the gold key Value, might need to restart game. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Rehayel said:

    hello thanks a lot for this 

    in the new update the places of the "go to" values are changed . i managed to hack the gold but the first steps, 

    but in this step things change: 


    "See which value it matches and edit everything back to its original value except the one you want to hack.  Directly below that value when you goto address is cash (don't bother editing, won't reward you) next 2 values are keys.  A little further down (see video) you'll find XP. DO NOT HACK XP DURING TUTORIAL. You'll break the game and have to clear data and start over.  Don't Freeze any values and claim rewards. "


    the values under the gold were not dword the only 225 number value only .

    so how to hack the xp and keys from here?

    i just need the keys hack its more important

    Your view settings are different. 

    4bytes separation between each. 

    You are seeing word and byte values between. 


    Personally I only have Float Dword and String Representation as my view settings. 

    I find it is easier to work with. 

  5. I haven't played the game, but the time value. 

    What is the initial start time? 

    If you auto pause game with GG for like 4sec, then unpause, does time resume or jump that 4sec?

  6. 1 hour ago, Kris1998 said:

    Thanks for your reply. Just got hacked my resources thanks for your great tutorial :) Btw I logged in my gmail account to save my progress on it. Is there a possibility that my account will be banned? @NoFear1183

    I can't say for certain. 

    But no one has claimed being banned yet. 

  7. 33 minutes ago, Enyby said:

    I think bug in RAM storage. You can try work without it.

    Good to know. 

    I'll choose no ram when I intend to do unknown then union search in future. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Enyby said:

    This is a bug. You would be necessary to inform about this before.


    Had no idea :P

    Just thought it wasn't an option. 

    Do you need log? 

    I'm excited to know is supposed to work, hoping it's a simple fix. 

  9. Union search after doing an unknown search freezes GG...

    Even doing exact value search then doing a union search. 

    Seems union has to be the first search method in order to do another union search. 

  10. Something else that could very very useful. 

    For when games relocate values when you goto a different screen in game (go from main menu to shop) and the values are known but too small to get narrow results. 

    Allow the option to either A:

    Union search from within a unknown value results list. 



    Union search within the saved list. 



    Cross reference saved list with a separate union search to remove every value except duplicates from save list or

    Highlight duplicates from results to save list. 




    Any input on this option too would be greatly appreciated. 


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