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    for _=1, #Menu - 0.5 do if _ % 2 == 1 then -- ... end end is identical to for _ = 1, #Menu - 0.5, 2 do -- ... end but second option is more effective and clear.
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    Nevermind I see the issue
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    I get game dead everytime i load the script then turn on wifi ps i use forcr close fix still game dead .. help pls
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    What if you don't get 1st place on the first race will that break the function?. Will it still work if you get 1st on the second or third race? Cause my racing skills are bad like really bad
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    hey could you please update the script.
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    The new zone hack is a cool feature but I think it's getting unsafe for a ban possibly.
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    First of all kiddo. I ruined guns of boom. The game is as good as dead. Second. I cheat the game i want to cheat and i started to notice that by cheating guns of boom i dont learn anything new because i'm not that much intrest anymore in cheating "shooter games" to much similarity and they arent that much played as empire games[Hack and slash], RpG or .io or farm games. Those games are much harder to cheat bexause so much is server sided..so more intrest to me so stop complaining. I dont work for you. Ok? _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later And who is the "community", LoL

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