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    Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, Santa Claus has arrived. Fantastico Mario, Fantastico
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    Dont ask me for updates. I already update everithing i can, if u dont see updates there are no updates. Thank you!
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    the script was made with the game version 2.3.7 just tested with new version 2.3.8 and all is work just fine. im also uninstall and reinstall the game multiple times to test the script. still it work just fine.
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    Finally an AIO script for RR3. Thanks so much for all the trouble @MarioRossi93i. I very much appreciate all your hard work. I hope you'll continue updating and maintaining your script. Thanks again.
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    I ve fixed vip hack , thx @BreadKiller RR3_Hack_8.5.0(212).fixed.lua
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    Release the source code of my script. Hope this can help if you know how to write a Lua script! RR3 Hack 3.0.0 source.lua
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    Hello guys! I quit this game already, maybe I will never update this script or maybe I will return this game some day. Thank you all and have a nice life!
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    Bro I know you copied from the another guys who posted this previously without any encryption so please stop crediting your self and stealing his work. It's the same hacks/ options too.
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    You can clear battle logs manually by deleting these folders but they don't help much 1) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl.arm64/parallel_intl/0/com.mobile.legends/files/UnityCache 2) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl.arm64/parallel_intl/0/com.mobile.legends/files/dragon2017/BattleRecord Btw all those script that have option to clear battle logs are actually fake(you can't delete files with gameguardian) So don't even bother, just to tell you, mlbb can't detect gameguardian for now, and you don't need to clear battle logs. It doesn't do anything trust me. there is no way to do these hacks : damage booster rank booster enemy nub team pro ANTI-BAN in gameguardian Vpn booster auto-win all these hacks provided by 3rd party apps are absolutely fake, and can steal your fb / mlbb account password
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    Hey, There was a new update today, will the hack be updated?
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    I can confirm. It does not work for 9.1 version. The script runs and the percentage reaches 100 every time, but the race remains as not won, I tried this in a couple of races and the result was the same. Some of the other scripts still work, BTW.
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    Real Racing 3 9.1.1 works with this previous version of Currency Hack. All hail MarioRossi93i!) rr3_currency_hack.v9.
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    Script works only with not played races. Search for other results slow down the script. u can use other scripts...
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    Formula 1: 150;300;600;900;1.350;1.950;2.550;3.300;4.350;5.550;7.050;9.000::45 Formula E and GTE: 375;750;1.125;1.500;1.875;2.250;2.625;3.000;3.750;4.500;5.250;6.000::45 NASCAR: 160;320;660;1.000;1.340;1.680;2.165;2.665;3.330;4.000;4.830;6.000::45
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    I am testing 5x damage so far it has not been banned and I believe that I will not be banned as it is very easy to remove the increase in this damage, whenever I want to use I need to activate it again! I will continue testing to be sure but I believe that I will only ban if I abuse Script.
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    Done update .Still need to improve.
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    Ohh is there one using this script? I thought no one use this script. So i managed stop to update. Now i guess i would release new update within two days. Thanks for using this script
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    script is now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience
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    yup.. i made it with my phone which is 32bit device..and tested only with the free version of the game. 64bit device may have different codes arrangement but dont know sure. dont have 64bit phone.
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    this script was made with 32bit device... if yours device is 64bit it may or may not work. free version or premium may also the factor but i tested only on free version and it worked fine. im so cheap to buy the game so i dont know for sure if it work or not on premium version.
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    Thanks for the Script and It Needs Update RN to v1.5.4 Please Update
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    Why is it after encryption, I run my script and it ask for network permission. Did you steal my script and post on website?!
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    Guys I see 16K download, but this guys still have 41 subscribers in YouTube, please subscribe is Chanel , you guys just keep download.
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    Old script 2.1.1 still works, so don't worry. Look for the link on previous page.
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    Dearest BreadKiller, will you come back one day to continue and update this magnificent piece of art? Otherwise, give us at least a sign that you are still alive. Thank you Have a nice time Berinjela a.k.a. Pulecenella
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    It is needed in all cases if you want to use Cheat Engine from PC as client to the server that is running on your android device. Here you can find the description of what the command does: https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/adb#forwardports
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    The best Last Day On Earth script is here. Here he show is demo. And It's FREEEEEEEE. Author: @ItsSC (Best Scripter on GG forum) More Script Showcase: video11.mp4
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    oh, looks like it doesn't support some device Use standard radar map only, set freeze interval to 0 If I have free time I will check Because my cellphone has restarted, all files including the game were deleted So, be patient or look for other alternatives
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    Pubg. Mobile ESP non root safe for rank push ( gold tier to ace just 4 day ) , no need virtual , host & mod lib , Just install & play , Check file on my notepad : anotepad*com/notes/fmjppg3 change ( * ) to ( . ) "Dot" #StayAtHome
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    Guys, try searching BreadKiller's threads a bit. I posted a reply to this already: Real Racing 3 Hack (#1raghxw4)
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    Could You please update for version 8.3.2?
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    Please update your amazing script.
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    Hi BreadKiller, I hope you are well, I know it is not obvious these days... if you can let us know something please, even if you think you won't develop the Hack anymore and ... thanks anyway
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    A new update has been released for game... And the script is not working any more... Eagerly waiting for the updated script... Regards......
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    Hello Friend! Real racing 3 game update came out these days, first I want to thank you for the beautiful work, I know that it is difficult to make the programs, I would like to know when the next script att will come out, stay with God hugs ...
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    It seems that the script uses those characters that are not in the font of its firmware (or its theme). Do not use special characters to convey something important. For example, plain text. They may not exist in the client font and it will be impossible to use the script.
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    Update 8.2.1 is now available. Not updating yet as I guess a new updated hack will be needed.
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    What feature should i put next? And i want to know if there is a problem of which script doesnt work. Im really excited!Thanks for using this script. I'm working now for 64 bit(but yeah same features as this 32 bit script)
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    Drop rate is server side, stamina has some random offset, I'm working on it. Fyi, One hit kill can be used in any mode including abyss/Multiplayer
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    Great release! Maybe you can add/tweak a few options: Mark imposters Freeze vision value, once the game ends and if decided to "play again". Re-enabled of vision isn't required. Kill Distance Anti-Vote
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    Fixed sorry small mistake
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    Update 6/2/2020 This hack still working fine. Great Job

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