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  1. HEROGAMEOfficial

    gg prompt

    Why are many people lazy to read before asking? Your answer is here.
  2. Read (search) in this site before asking (that's better). https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20568-examples-of-lua-scripts/?do=findComment&comment=76273
  3. offset is (distance addres) from addres a to b, example: Address a = 1234 Address b = 1235 Offset = 4
  4. local file = io.open(your_file, 'r') file = file and not print('File reading succesfull') and gg.toast('File reading succesfull') and file:read('*a') or gg.toast('File reading succesfull')
  5. SELGG do you mean downloading like in my script? If yes i can help you but its not free. https://t.me/HEROGAMEOfficial
  6. @Enyby I think is spam: How can i use game guardian save Option to a url to copy the file (#3902ueoc) And How to add One time password on my script (#79v9jzjp)
  7. local newScript =gg.makeRequest(your_link).content local out = io.open(gg.getFile():match('/.+/') .. 'ThisNewVersion.lua', 'w') out = out and out:write(newScript):close()
  8. Don't save the file and its fix your problem, use load().
  9. Don't use link done problem, load file downloaded.
  10. Question: How to add One time password on my script Answer: aa.lua Just tell me what's missing, I'll make it (if I want).
  11. HEROGAMEOfficial

    at lua

    that's what I usually do. If you don't understand, I suggest seeing it, maybe it's better for you I froze 3000+ value and it was just fine Do you know how GG works? I froze 3000+ value and it was just fine
  12. HEROGAMEOfficial

    at lua

    local res = gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) for z, x in next res do x.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(res) What if the result is on the 1000th order? This is a nonsensical answer.
  13. Paste bin is online, this is really bad idea. You can do anything use gg.saveVariable and loadfile function.
  14. It's simple but it's not easy, but it will be easy if you know how to do it.
  15. where did you download the virtual?
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