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  1. Its gg problem or something other?
  2. GG don't have AI (artificial intelligence) off course can't do that.
  3. I hope the developer gg or web make app and donate with that.
  4. YouTube its nothing tutorial if not lib offset, its personal methode (local).
  5. Send logcat and video then post here.
  6. HEROGAMEOfficial

    It won't work

    Search hack your game in YouTube?
  7. try searching for the script on YouTube
  8. Open game select game process, search 0 go game, refine SEARCH NOT 0 = Done .
  9. HEROGAMEOfficial

    Help me pls

    Restart gg or download virtual from this site.
  10. HEROGAMEOfficial


    What is a "history"?
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