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  2. Clean install , run the game off-line
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  3. U can. Read Thread p17/18.
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  4. Please which app can be used for that type of game... Lords mobile to be specific.... I've tried to change the amount of gems and soldiers multiple times... It worked but I can't make use of them... The gems are just there without no use... Can't use it to buy anything at the store... Just fraustrated
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    (Google play service, Gmail problem solving, Parallel space.) Hello everyone! After the last android security update, for example, a Google play service bug when using a Huawei p20 eml-l29 can be resolved. For me, this is resolved: First, delete the last Google play service update, if possible. Once you have it, download Aptoid. application, install and add it to the parallel space. There, launch the parallel space from inside and the Aptoid app will ab search for it on the Google play service. Update it! Then restart the parallel space, add it to the Gmail app test, launch it, sign in. Then the game that was problematic until then will work. For me, it has worked 100%.
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  5. A script with 11 hacks, where, only 1 works? Wow that's great
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