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    REAL RACING 3 PLAYER PROFILE HACK Current version: Description: Change player profile statistics: eraned/spent r$, gold and m$, total time played, player level and trophies won. Instructions: Logout and disconnect device, then run the script and edit your stats. Known issues: none Video
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    REAL RACING 3 ViP CAR HACK Current version: Working RR3: 9.2.0 Description: Run the script in the garage, then simply select a car to make it VIP. Thanks to @BreadKiller , all credits to him. Video demo:
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    Haha! Wonderful wonderful! Thank you my friend this is great news!
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    Bad news. Your suggestion didn't work. I was beyond happy to see the very left value.... but when the game loaded again.... Nothing changed... BUT GUESS WHAT? Your suggestion led me on the right path. We don't have to alter the reward value at all. We can literally alter the value directly because for some weird reason all of the encryption is void when in adventure mode... So we start with a d word fuzzy search. Then after it's done we need to attain whatever loot we are trying to manipulate. For example I grabbed 33 coins Since I grabbed 33 I put 33 and select top left option N = O+D You will get alot of results. Do this again. I grabbed 45 this time so I repeat the procedure This got rid off all the values and left me with the coin value. The coin value is high because I did this before. Just change the coin value to whatever you want. In this example I used 50,000,000 When I went back to the main menu it saved. I exited the game, re opened and it was still there. Bingo! I'm not sure if this works for other currencies, but why wouldn't it. I assume with this same method you can manipulate whatever you can loot.
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    Interesting stuff, some weird encryption going on in this game. Thanks for the help friend. [added 2 minutes later] You said the resources were heavily encrypted but what about resources that you gain during an adventure? Is it possible to change how much you receive instead of changing what you already have?
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    there is a time limit applied to it. not sure how long that time limit is before you cant edit it. master @Enyby can give some info.
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    View File HIDE ONLINE! Script SPEED WallHack Fly Modz Para HIDE ONLINE 100% ANTI BAN SPEED, FLY, WALLHACK.. CREDITS YOUTUBE: MarcoATN1 ====================== Submitter MarcoATN1 Submitted 01/28/2021 Category Tools  
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    Yes, I really like this script along with the currency one. Hope the VIP hack can be updated soon.
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    My clipclap coins value keep returning back to it's normal value after hacking I don't know what to do please.And also I can't withdraw the hacked values, basically I can't use it for anything.Please help me guys
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    Of course. Very easy. Even without jailbreak. Sell iOS, buy Android, use GG.
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    It's not a tutorial step by step, but it shows how to do it
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: Speed hack and time jump - GameGuardian
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