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    @CmP @Revoxtical @saiaapiz @TopGEOYT @noblack @Krojzanovic @Rastakiwiand all those i forgot to mention, hey guys its been fun but my time here has come to an end, after months of Enyby updating GG and his compiler to bypass my security measures along with spiteful retaliation of deleting my launcher (the most popular currently updated script on the site) for his inability to do what he claimed anyone could to protect their scripts. I dont have time for people that create a problem then get angry when someone is forced to find a solution, I simply built upon the work of others just like Enyby does every time he makes an update to GG a app that already was around before he came along.... Anyway if anyone needs to contact me for any reason feel free to hit me up on telegram https://t.me/BadCaseDotOrg Take care guys and remember make sure you dont make anything too popular lest you catch the wrath of the overlord for drawing attention away from him, all hail Enyby our great and insecure leader.....
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    I've been trying to change the gold but it doesn't work Help please.
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    I don't even know what to say... just pathetic
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    yes sometimes the values in some games are related to each other
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    I wouldn't recommend changing your level to a super high one because all of the modifications I did broke the game a little. I couldn't get quests anymore I think it was because of the level. Change it to a lower number I guess.
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    And now I'm retiring from Occidental heroes haha. I was wrong, level affects damage. So by changing level to 9999 you get permanent huge damage. So after doing gold hack, search the share of your person or whoever you want If you get multiple values, increment. Go to Address The top of the screen is the health value, as I mentioned in the last page, and the bottom is share value. Scroll up just a couple values like 10 and you'll find level value. In this case, my level is 1, so I looked for 1 Change to 9999 or however many you want Now it shows your level, but what about in a battle? Bam 9999 health, 9687 damage. I just noticed level is next to health lol Have fun, now you are literally unbeatable. This is all I wanted, so I'm done with this request haha. I'm going to go and enjoy the game now.
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    then try down search the value ,can not be 14 the number show, try edit and put back old value if is incorrect
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    After doing the money hack, you will have a crazy amount of share for each person. This makes it really easy to find the share value. My share is 10653, so I search 10653 You are likely to get multiple values because everyone has the same share, so just increment the float values until you find the right one for the right guy. Go to Address And the values should be right next to each other, just scroll a tiny bit up to the health value of the person (mine is 30) Change it to whatever you want And bam! Unbeatable character. I'm still looking for a damage hack, so if I find one I'll keep you posted. PS: you can also change level, reputation and resolve, but they don't really help at all so I didn't bother. Changing reputation doesn't change the text "you are unknown in the Occident" you actually have to do quests for it, sadly. [added 4 minutes later] No, I mean the fist which shows 14. That is the damage. Even putting on determined attack and defense doesn't make it always the same. It is still random depending on the enemy you are fighting and the weapon bonuses you have. For wolf I did 14 damage, and then to an armored guy I did 9. And damage is not in stats too, so idk
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    the damage you mean that sword image value>?try search up the health value next values
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    i not tested but i belive the other 2 values are next yo the health, try go next values and try change, if not return the values to after
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    I found some more discoveries No, this is not a temporary health hack. I found a way to basically make you unbeatable. This ties into the money hack. I'll be posting it here soon. Very similar to money hack.
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    great discovery thanks for share
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    First of all you need to find your food & bundle value (I call it travel value) Search in d-word until have 1 value Then, once you refine it and you have your value long press on it until this comes up Click go to address to get here Now scroll up until you find your loot value, (it should be above like 60-70 addresses up, a very long scroll) In this case, my loot value is 15, so I am looking for the value 15. Once you find it, change it to 9999999 or however many and MAKE SURE to FREEZE it! If you don't freeze it, it will revert back to original value! Now go to the shop and sell Sold mine for 177450976 gold, and you can keep doing this as long as it's frozen. Look at my gold There you go, have fun.
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    @nalcwap I uninstalled the game, came back and put my feet to the ground and finally found a different, simple method. I'm going to reset the game (don't worry this one is easy to re-do) come back and show you how I did it
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    see if the adress you found is same 2 or 3 right digits example in correct find the addres is 41D02474 DWORD see if next find dword value is 474 0r 74 if not you are in wrong address
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    Yes, it is. For information about the reasons and prerequisites of this decision refer to this topic: Uploading decrypted scripts (#4kw1v0qd)
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    At this point such threads should be moved to "funny quotes about game guardian".Do you think a virus app would build such a large and friendly community?Also don't you think regular users of the app would be the ones reporting and complaining instead of you who just started off? Maybe this will help answer your question if it doesn't ask google.
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    if you not want use why you be there?and before make such accusation think for example in cracks that is false positive and not a real virus
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    Heyhey what's up there you little stupid cheaters I go by the name MCL and I've been playing mortal Kombat for a couple years now and I don't cheat so all I want to say is I joined this discussion just to tell you people that there's ways to play the game not the cheat like a little baby and do what you got to do like a little cry babies can't afford to play the game actually do the s*** properly and you know what undefeated in my last about 400 battles so you know what?.. suck it!!!

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