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  1. Hi, able to do increase items ( but always resets to 20.. can't do coins nor item swapping But I'm far from being an expert. Any help ? https://m.apkpure.com/days-after-zombie-survival-simulator/games.alternativa.projectv.test
  2. razwasup


    Daemon keeps asking root on android 10 ps and octopus.
  3. Even with today's update daemon fails to run, and gp fails
  4. Android 10 messed octopus ps and virtual space for me. What a mess. I just updated the system yesterday. Can't run gg it says daemon failed
  5. razwasup

    Titan Quest

    Weapon stats ( until game restarts) , xp, currency much can be done. Item id swap , I failed. For an offline game seems it has decent local detection I wonder if we can change loot tables, monster chests like in eternium. Titan quest
  6. Hatarix now we don't have acces to script anymore , thanks ..
  7. Guy did the script is pretty good. Can we change loot tables on titan quest
  8. You did get xp and gemstone via lua script ? Without buying gemstones can you do it, if so how
  9. I will check if it still works
  10. I can confirm to you there's a way.
  11. Gemstones , items still possible ?
  12. Emulator forces you to a PC
  13. Anybody tried with memu or nox ? As soon as u chose the game in GG in memu it crashes. Virtual exposed and PS wont run this game. What a pain in the.. for a pixelated game
  14. Maybe 200 is to obvious but what did you do each time , unban ?
  15. What did you do, did you follow his instructions ?
  16. Good stuff, Just wasted few hours on saga of survival , any of you tried ? Easy to find values, even store values. But changes are visual, when u reboot , you see in the background it deduced original value. Everything is online even items?
  17. Well envyby categorically refuses to accept your donations? Honestly it's ok to get something back for your work but same approach goes to the community side of it. One brings you a great tool for you to use and make money..free of any charges. Then you guys just go on and charge for everything you do with it. Don't add up for me ..kudos to envyby and ppl like him. Just my 2 cents don't burn me
  18. Like I said in emulator the game reacts weirdly sometimes. It works changing I'd, but let say I try 708 it just adds 999 of empty square. Not id testing friendly. Finally got all , at my last try I corrupted party tab somehow. It's all empty.. I look at the fields I changed everything is ok so no way to revert back
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