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  1. ZShelter survival is a nice one to get the codes. Now finding stuff in jurassic
  2. Did you test it? Any thing new to search for , away from the game for weeks now. Jurassic everything is pretty easy to do. Will try now to get the dino pet. Can you build the jeep yet , I hckd all the resources but cant complete it.
  3. Game outside will change or not ? Because most of these virtual space apps it will change original game save as well. Even VMOS which is different concept it changes the original game. But octopus is bad for changing codes. I used that for few weeks and I blocked 4 timed.. Lost 4 account. It never happened with BMPs or virtual xposed
  4. I got pretty much everything covered , that's why I went and tried to modify the content of puppy boxes. I should have tested on a test account. I found a way in but dog pen is bugged. Can't click any of them, no dog follows me . Any clue how to fix thay
  5. Man, I got bold trying to modify pupoy boxes. I found a basic dog box that once opened a total white dog came out..no eyes nothing..unfinished Now the #$@%@^ game is blocked
  6. That's a useful quick script. Where did you get it You have it ?
  7. Thx, the vip zone in gas station, what's that ?
  8. Do you have the mannequin code ?
  9. Military khak underwear correction 14;6,357,104;7,602,286;6,226,035;6,881,389;6,881,388;6,357,108;7,929,970;15;6,357,104;7,602,286;6,226,035;6,815,843;6,881,394;7,602,291;6,357,101;115
  10. No edit option son adding here the back packs. Maybe a mod can merge the posts ;backpack_kity ;backpack_toxicn ;backpack_sport ;backpack_tortoise
  11. Season 5 on , anyone found anything? This topic was rich on sharing info what happened?
  12. razwasup


    Daemon keeps asking root on android 10 ps and octopus.
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