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  1. Virtual backup dont see any games . At first, when installed I was seeing them
  2. Tha is figured it. I found the heroes but you at least have to have 1 to modify .. so I'm stuck at trying to get that hero from 4w$ pck. I can find the value .. can change the currency in the pack but cant find a way to make ti free
  3. How did you come up with 200;200::50? Thx
  4. What you mean find the value of the enemy..I just started and mushroom just drops blue gems no number like in your pic
  5. Waterdeep Hi I need help doing this one, coins gems, atk is it server sided ? Mayne not its ludia
  6. razwasup

    Script Manager

    not working
  7. what's this? which script is this
  8. What are the 17 and 25 at the end? Also if in the store you have 3 packs 3500,2200, 5000 next to each other can we assume they are next to each other in the code? 3000;2200;5000 ..tahtw old be mask searching right.. shall I add anything like you did with 17 and 25
  9. What's the banning ratio on this, are they banning IP, device ? Like Does it have banning rate of Guild of heroes
  10. This allows you to play with skin , did not add the heroe to my list. You can play with the skin once that's it ?
  11. Thanks man I get the modus operandi. Tried with 5 values that had the patterns no joy. What's the memory range you select in gg ? The setting
  12. Any guide bro ? I have 3000 hits ..that's a lot of trials. If you did this today with new game , you can tell me what the adress ending look like ..example 5d0.. so I can mask search or something. The building method is something I'd like to learn
  13. Packs dont work with nox nor food
  14. I found the encrypted value for gems, its 1 billion something in gg. If I change to 80000 in gg total in game , value changes to -10 in game. I tried adding value and so on, I always get negative value, or man or bill, false or something like 8765.3421 . How shall I modify that value?
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