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  1. I appreciate the menu and the credits also, how do you get these values how to do that that Example: 00F020E31EFF2FE1r
    Write me on discord I give you a more consistent method of wallhack Also speedhack, 1.3 is max else you get kicked MØLLØCH#1936
    Nice codes but here is another way, 90c 354 320 -481,296,383 Dword XA addresses: 90C, 354, 320 edit to: -481,296,384 result: able to unlock all Knifes and equip them.
  2. Thanks alot, but I will need the address because I want to edit the rgb values of the thing yk, do you have discord?
  3. Hey, seems like the address its searching is wrong, I also did something wrong with the loop that I can't fix. Can you have a look over it? Test.lua
  4. Hello, Please help me with Offset Editing. Don't do it for me though, j want to learn that, so if someone is able to help me please help me. I got here a List, maybe that helps a but more Including: Values, Offsets, Names(for Chams Hack), and Flags. Much appreciated, for those who can help!
  5. Does MCPE work for you in Virtual Xposed? Not for me. It's stuck while loading the game. Any recommendations? Because Virtual Xposed is the Only Virtual Environment that works for me thanks
  6. Since my Wallhack got leaked by an kiddie, I'm going to make it Open Source. Range: CA Search: 1.0F;4.03573958e-43F;0.0F;5.0F;0.00999999978F;1,000.0F Float ofc Refine: 4.03573958e-43 Edit all: 4.099 Done. Thx
  7. How to use it Without getting Banned
  8. Add more Information: ROOT No Root How to use it without getting instantly banned yk would be nice, thanks
  9. Works, but not as I want it to be xD I don't know the exact value there are 15000 values. I want to "sort out" those who changed
  10. I'm ***** Stupid.. gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_JAVA_HEAP | gg.REGION_C_HEAP | gg.REGION_C_ALLOC | gg.REGION_C_DATA | gg.REGION_C_BSS | gg.REGION_PPSSPP | gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber("257", gg.TYPE_DWORD) var = gg.getResults(100000) while gg.isVisible(false) do gg.loadResults(var) if var.value ~= "257" then gg.toast(gg.getValues(var)) end end
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