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  1. I only have these two payment method .... I don't have others..
  2. If you don't have card.. How you pay online?
  3. 1. Paypal. 2. Debit / Credit card.
  4. Yes. It support x64 and x86.
  5. Recently my website down and every database deleted. Previous launcher no longer work anymore, today I just upload a new version. Those who had bought the script and did not get my message, please send me your device code to get activation code and register again to use .
  6. No, due to some reason, ther website is down. And I making recovering.
  7. ItsSC


    Oh I see..
  8. 1. Ask user for current amount of coins. 2. Find nearby static addresses.
  9. What compiler you using? Maybe change other compiler.
  10. Try using decimal instead of hexadecimal without the " syntax?
  11. Well no, the account create in my script has nothing to do with the account in your game. It just to check access to script since it's premium.
  12. I thought you were the guy who created 121 accounts in my script... Fyi, the newest script is premium, which is paid to use.
  13. So you're the one created 120 + accounts in my script, and break into my server to get my source code? That's why I ban.
  14. Use other free script then. If you insist to use mine, pay for my work. If not, just get free script or DO IT YOURSELF ? EHHHH? You pay me to make the script? EH NO? THEN WHY YOU WANTED IT FOR FREE? SHAME? SHAME ON YOU CANT HACK BUT WANTED IT FREELY
  15. Obviously not possible to happen. This is one-time payment, once pay, you get access forever.
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