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  1. If you want, I can transfer authorship of the file to you and you can update this file when you need it. Also you can update description and other stuff for this file.
  2. Enyby

    Time of game

    Usually no, because it on server side.
  3. Enyby


    addListItems do not change value. Only add items to list. You need call editAll or setValues before or after add to saved list. Wrong. You remove line
  4. Enyby


    You must show code which you try execute. I can not see gg.TYPE_DWORD in any place of it.
  5. Solution exists in the GG help.
  6. Enyby

    x64 pc

    Use x64 Android Emulators. Like MuMu 64-bit, Bluestacks x64, AVD with x86_64 image, TianTian 64-bit (no root) and others.
  7. Some kind of "optimization" in firmware. You can try use different float window type via "fix it" menu. But I afraid only other firmware fix this issue.
  8. https://gameguardian.net/help/
  9. It is pure lua (I doubt about mysql in pure lua) and lua 5.3 compatible - yes.
  10. Welcome. Requests sections for requests. Help section for targeted help when you need help or advice, and you do some work by self and only need small help, not expecting for someone do all for you instead of you.
  11. t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} t1 = gg.getValues(t1) gg.addListItems(t1)
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