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  1. I do not know if this is the same code, or you have already changed something. If you change something in the code, then you need to post it again. Because what was previously irrelevant.
  2. Idk. Write code so that that variable cannot be nil when executed here. Without seeing all the code, nothing specifically can be said.
  3. Again, just read message: _address is nil. But must be long (number).
  4. Yep. Consult with API help if you not sure how write something.
  5. gg.Type_DWORD case is matter. All constant must be totally in upper case.
  6. This is how the ARM architecture works. Most addresses are not absolute, but relative, relative to the PC. This is done to save space in instructions. The instruction size is 4 bytes. The size of the 32-bit pointer is also 4 bytes. An absolute address almost always requires 4 bytes, since the code can be located in different places. A relative address can be encoded with 2 or 3 bytes. This will give the opportunity to refer to the memory near the code, where this code would not be located. And since .bss is not far from .code (.text), this is enough.
  7. Enyby

    How to collect logcat

    For some reason, binaries are not running on your firmware. Permission denied. Try another virtual space. If this does not help, you need root.
  8. Offset from PC in LDR location. Useless in any other place.
  9. Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t)
  10. Case is important. usually you need not only video region. But in general - something like that.
  11. Enyby


    I write example above.
  12. Enyby


    Use table length operator over table returned by gg.getListItems(): #gg.getListItems()
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