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  1. Install the latest version and compare the list of enabled functions in the speedhack settings. Most likely on version 8.31.0 more functions are enabled by default. Enable them on the latest version. Everything should work.
  2. Binary scripts with corrupted or invalid headers (#1ncvezoo)
  3. With which tool you get binary form of this script?
  4. What script/encryptor you use for encode your script?
  5. Enyby


    Android only here.
  6. Or just read built-in help where described common usage and usual tricks. Even with video examples.
  7. Any global variable is search in special global table. So if you write a = b It is mean: Get global table. Get B from here. Put in register. Get global table. Put data from register to B field. If both variable is local it is more simple: Copy from one register to another. Nothing more. So because global vars use special table it is slow. You can write code with and without global vars. Produce .lasm and compare opcodes and its count.
  8. Enyby

    GG crash

    Why are you deceiving everyone? The title of the theme says "GG crash", and then it turns out that this is a crash game, not GG.
  9. Enyby

    We want new gg update

    Android only here.
  10. "v" is a number on this line. So "v[1].value" doesnot make sense.
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