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  1. Follow guide in the app help.
  2. Mistake in the script. Write to the author.
  3. Gathering information about GG errors (#5ojwyhci)
  4. Enyby

    Lua text edit

    Do not do text search and you avoid it.
  5. Enyby

    Lua text edit

    Read help and examples for editAll.
  6. It is your firmware issue. May be on-screen buttons reserve some place.
  7. [added 1 minute later] Too old. Compare 87.0 with 87.1.
  8. Try disable elements 13-19 in the interception list for unrandomizer. And record logcat.
  9. Common errors in help requests (#3mwioa3r) Gathering information about GG errors (#5ojwyhci)
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