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  1. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Time of use for hack isn't what determined if it's safe or not. My thought, any type of score hacking might be monitored. Just because it's been days, no ban, doesn't confirm it's safe.
  2. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Been doing this 6+yrs.....
  3. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Yes.... I can easily max anything that is owned.
  4. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    My banned accounts, I didn't have that hack yet. Just did that couple days ago.
  5. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    The detection is unknown.... My first 2 accounts were banned within 24-48hr.... Now I've gone days on 3rd and 4th. Edit: and on 3 and 4 I've done far more hacks than I did on the 2nd account.
  6. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Each level is different... Going from level 8 to 9 is different than 10 to 11....
  7. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Friend was just banned.... So unknown what triggered it.
  8. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    No. I think it was my scores. I didn't realize they had global rank. There is good chance my score was near 1,000,000,0000. So, fairly obvious. My third account and other friends, no reports yet.
  9. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Yea. That can be done too
  10. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Preview of what's to come.... Any reward, item purchased is effected (except gems) This is what I mean by simplicity.... No search and guessing....
  11. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    I'll just say, save your time on that one then.
  12. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    I ignored that... Like I said, I took another approach.
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