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  1. Candy not obtainable any other way then? Seems pictures above person edited then fine.
  2. What do the currencies allow you to buy?
  3. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/plants-vs-zombies-2-free-inapp-unlimited-sun-no-cooldown.48638/
  4. Just too bad GG can't implement some type of protection against the ability to see searches/edits... Guess as always, takes a few to ruin it for all.
  5. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Basically have multiple searches, only 1 search is the legit search. As it is, the scripts, I have badcase do, we rarely to never search the real value. And the real value is no where near it either.
  6. Appears it only disguises the edit, not the search. Half the battle with gg is what to find, not how to edit. If value is Encrypted and unique and your search gives it away, editing can easily be figure out without logging.
  7. Maybe give a hint as the direction to go in writing such protected scripts? You imply it's possible, but I feel no one knows how except yourself.
  8. NoFear

    AFK Arena discussion

    Double value type is the common value in this game fyi.
  9. Double format to find and edit. You can edit everything directly.
  10. Set icon transparency to 100%. Remember exactly where icon is.
  11. No idea. Never looked at that game.
  12. Don't bother on this game. Trust me.
  13. If rooted, create new account on virtual space. Copy data to device and use the save generated there for device instead.
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