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  1. NoFear


    And can join Clan. Not sure if game blocks that if they detected cheating.
  2. NoFear


    Possible. Not easy.
  3. It's the language of some Android games. Look up arm assembly. This is more related to apk modding than gg standard search/edit.
  4. Love to rush it.... Can't rush perfection Thank you for all you do and provide.
  5. Oooooooo......... ETA for x64?
  6. More than likely won't be x64 vs x86 if Mobile device. X64 vs x32 is there more likely scenario. Now if users are on emulator, then it translates arm to x86.
  7. Hacking behavior detected if you decrease reward or increase by +1? I forgot this was something I was going to look into
  8. I understand... Sometimes the end result is all someone needs, not the source. Nothing against your work, very talented at what you create and provide. Just was curious
  9. Does this protect against the latest GG feature to recall modified values...?
  10. Other aspects can be done. Game is very well protected, not perfect though.
  11. Reason I say, it's more of a virtual machine than virtual space... Just not sure. I think so.
  12. Consider this not possible. Those that could do this, wouldn't waste their time with mobile game hacking.
  13. You didn't try very hard. Try again. Game isn't that protected.... Use your brain, not someone else's, you learn more that way.
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