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  1. Don't even know if anything from video is relevant anymore...
  2. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Many things regarding log for in race. Same thing, don't have the time to go through entire dump to do "everything possible".
  3. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Nicely done. Actually add frenzy stuff to our script right now. Plan to add more too. Just ban risk unknown for these. I look to troll multiplayer at some point when I find something good for it
  4. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Can also use traditional il2cpp dumper from github... Not as straight forward as typical il2cpp games though.
  5. Wouldn't you be better to modify offset to achieve same thing??
  6. NoFear

    Dash Quest 2

    Search dword 99;500000::5 Edit 500,000 to whatever you want your gold limit to be. Then you can edit prices to negative and reach your new limit.
  7. NoFear

    Dash Quest 2

    Want me to check coins?
  8. Easy way was patched. The complex way seems to still be valid (last I knew).
  9. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

  10. Thank you for the heads up. I'll get back on it then
  11. Not necessary. I'll post how to. You just want to edit currency?
  12. Star rating reverts on restart. But everything you buy stays. And currency modified stays too.
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