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  1. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Where did you look....?
  2. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Not sure if today will be open. Will have xp boost added. And adding anything you want, could be limited on choices. Still trying to make it any item in the game.
  3. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Essentially you want to clear all your coins? It's possible.
  4. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Script is temporarily down for updating. Hoping before end of week will be back to normal.
  5. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Let you set shop prices to 0. Unlock entire shop. And pick what items you buy in shop.
  6. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    It might take until then to get it working perfectly. Best to start now then make minor adjustments Wednesday as needed.
  7. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    I think it's a rotating key. But there is another method no searching needed.
  8. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Can't expect the script to survive every update. We will update it.
  9. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Where did you contact him? Because on telegram he responds within 24hr. The issue isn't that the script didn't work. It's because it's locked to single account. If for whatever reason need to change the account, he has been allowing it.
  10. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Heh. I'm not threatening you... I am saying with GG or other hacking, you don't know what I'm capable of. I don't care about you and personal info and stealing it. I'm just telling you, because you weren't able to do something in the game, don't assume others can't. Here is screen shot of the site.
  11. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Script works perfectly. And you claimed I couldn't add everything (including unreleased content). You have no idea what I'm capable of... You come here pretending to know wtf you are doing. You only half know and half dumb luck. Scroll up to read what you said about the xor value and not having a clue... It is a DWORD VALUE. Using XOR encryption. Xor key is 96,289,254. If you don't know how to use the xor calculator in GG, Then try the site xor.pw. If you use that site, make sure to change all to decimal (base 10). And what, did you get 1 person that has issues with the script? Script works. I don't release anything without days if not weeks of testing.
  12. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Honestly surprised he has anything.... Given he didn't understand the xor encryption or have the full list of all items in the game. Anyway, the last post on page 31 basically explained everything. The only values that I noticed not following this rule, is in race values. Other than that, you can pretty much do anything and everything with info provided already.
  13. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Wow... Literally read the post before yours.... It tells you the exact method to find most values in the game. Xor encryption and the key is given. You don't need to do encrypted search and unknown changed or any of that. Can search EXACT value. All the information is provided, it's a matter of utilizing it correctly.
  14. NoFear

    Mario Kart tour

    Make new account. But don't Max everything. Even the biggest money spender isn't that elite in the game.
  15. NoFear

    Continuous Let Down

    This is an ANDROID only app. igg, is the ios equivalent, but you are at the wrong place for assistance with igg.
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