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  1. Just some advice, Maby you need to look different, dont go looking for the money, its to obvious and may not work. Withh GG or modded apk. Perhaps try to do something about the rewards. For example the rewards you get daily make it happen that the time does not run 20h but instead every min or sec you can redeem, or through dracar races you make can try dracar races unlimited times. I mean for me when i play dracar races i just stop the enemy car and win the race in 1 sec to make it my self more easy to get the gems...tried to set the amount of times you can do the races to like 50 but sadly you get a error. perhaps there is a work around for that. By passing the purchase button doesnt work that well either, gets error. [added 1 minute later] But looking to edit the gems is kind of wasting your time as far as im aware of. But again i dont do on modded apks, only use GG. so im not sure. always nice to try.
  2. What is it that you want? [added 1 minute later] I just checked the game on the YT, i dont really get the goal. Need to install it, will see what GG can do with it and what could be modified. Need some money, in case i do some stuff please transfer it later on.
  3. I remember this one guy that thought that the eye button in the right corner of GameGuardian was a hidden camera or some illuminatie symbol.
  4. Yeah...also don´t forget inorder to use GG at his full potentional you need knowledge that exceeds the information that is giving on this site. I mean i been like you, looking and tracking people down to get info about how to use this or that. Stalking them on there discord and stuff...but at the end of the day you will know that they wont throw the answers at you either...there is no point in do that...i mean after some time i had to understand that the only way to learn is by searching and trying...but you need a shedule...Enyby give me in the past the advice to buy books of Lua...i mean i tried hard brutha, but i wasnt trying how to push every single button...just start learning the language it self. Learn Lua, Learn programming, Learn C++...its the advice i give you to do...i tried and learned a lot more then what i knew at first...however...GG is updating so fast...so for people like us we need to catch up with that. we need to know about Hardware stuff, i tell you. GG goes faster then we can match up with...so do not complain and start to learn through books or online cources...try to learn as much as possible related to programming and hardware and then come back here and you will understand way more about GG, see it as a race...GG vs You...catch it if you can
  5. Oke, i understand. I advice you to search a other value, a stable one that does not require to be searched every new match, then you can make a proper group search, for that try to search the value in the lobby and modify it and see if it works in the match. Try to search the values in qword instead of float or dword, there is always a chance that qword will narrow the search results, but for do that you must know which values are doing the hack. use it as a filter. As my previous quiestion i was asking if the values your searching are all the same? [added 3 minutes later] Because if so, you need to narrow down and while your in the match find the specific values that are doing the hacks and go to its adresses and copy a fuew values and search it again in the next matches, it will narrow your resuls and make it more efficient to add it in to a script. you know what i mean? If you not follow i can make a video of it.
  6. Yeah, nio has a point. but can you give me your group search, im kind of sure you can minimize it. Als its a bit diffult to give you the right steps because the explenation is not very clear: first you said you had a group search of 7, so how comes its now 5? does the groupsearch contains the same values or are each of them different? because how it sounds to me to get 35k values it must have been same value or small dword values. when is the hack working, when you do the group search of 32 values ? and what you mean with initial hack, do you mean it only works in 1 match and then next match the value is on a other address? I await your reply.
  7. If you make a group search of those 7 values, and then search them how much values do you get as result?
  8. Hi, Mind explaining antiban?
  9. Are you sure that your using the value that is doing the hack? I mean, those 32 values are the same amount? I just mean that searching a value that is doing the hack only once or twice a match is not really practical for add in to a script honestly, Those 32 values all have the same function? Its kind of unclear information. Could you give more info?
  10. Hi there, Do you need all those 32 values?
  11. You did not balance the values. Balance them.
  12. Hi guys, I just wanted to share this information on anyone that is having a issue with GameGuardian on LDPlayer at the moment. So GameGuardian is loading really slow on version 3.101 of LDPlayer, all you need to do is set back the version 3.99 and GG should just work fine. Just in case for those who don't know. Have a nice day.
  13. You need to make a proper group search or find a other value...its not really handful to put a continues moving value in to a script because otherwise you gone need to put some note to the users what steps they need to take. what i personally believe is not a good idea. Most of time 1 hack has different values...were is a changing value there is a stable value for it to that makes the changing value change...its like cheating the time...time changes every second but you can also look what times the time...imagen you got a timer and it ceeps ticking each second down starting from 1.20min...then you can simply look 60f because time happens to be devided in 2 or 3 float...change that value and you change the hole timer...1 stable value changed a changing value..
  14. Its not easy, iḿ not the guy that usually looks for changing points however i do know that there are different ways of modifying currency, one is the most common way and that is typing your amount of points and modifying it. usually works for offline games. However there is also a calculation used to display the amount of coints you have. somethimes you need to defy the coints you have throught 3 and type the result in double or float...its weird but it does often work, each game use there own calculations and can be hard to find. If you search in region Xa it could be possible to find it between 0.01 and 0.1. Mostly it is in region Xa though...yea...and those values dont change so you could add them in your script and you wont need to type any currency. But i can not assist you fany urther then that.
  15. Hi, I'm a nub with scripting but i believe this will help you: local old = gg.getRanges(); --takes the ranges you have enabled gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) --sets range on anonymouys -- place your code gg.setRanges(old) --resets the ranges
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