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  1. Distance between two addresses is offset. Address 4C - address 44 = offset 8 Imagine below. address >>> value >>> type 0004 >>> 11223344 >>> dword -- static 0008 >>> 84 >>> float -- current health 000C >>> 100 >>> dword -- max health(static) In this case, we can search two static value as group search. They two are away at offset 8. gg.searchNumber('11223344;100::9', 4) gg.refineNumber('100') -- refine one static code p = gg.getResults(gg.getResultCount()) --Let it be we get 1 result --now we have static code 100.but we want edit above its address.need to subtract offset 4 to get address of current health --Let build a table for current health. --we'll use gg.setValues(). to use it,we need two info atleast. --address and type. about value? we can get by gg.getValues(). hi = {} hi[1] = {} hi[1].address = p[1].address - 0x4 hi[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT -- health is float hi = gg.getValues(hi) --attempt to get value print(hi[1].value) -->output is 84 hi[1].value = 445566 gg.setValues(hi) --now health will be edited as 445566. This is some usage of offset edit. If results are more than 1 ,you can set a loop. Idk its a need to you. But you will .
  2. You took got only 1 result. But You set the address of result 2.
  3. Yes. Many scriptors also use group search. Most use group search directly. Few search single value and check around with offset. Same results but different run time.
  4. If in anonymous,no way. You cant. Anonymous region is just usage of ram. Every restart of game or play new level changes its position. But they are structured systematically by pointers. (if not java heap) Normally, lib.so includes Cd,Cb,Xa region(others also may be). So only values included in those region can be found directly by lib + offset. But if you know pointer chain, you still have chance. But it wont be easy by only android. pc can done them all.
  5. 0~~0 means whatever number.Its in Xa. You can directly approach to what you want. As example if you want search 456(double type) Then search it. Single search is more more faster then group search. gg.searchNumber('456', 64) 64 is double .4 is dword etc.Then you might find 123 results.you can choose now what the number of results is what you want. Codes in Xa are never changed themself normally. But you can. And you can check its offset. They are in lib. So its addresses whenever restart will be like below -BC24DF04(first restart) -D769BF04(second restart) -9ADC7F04(third restart) Every restart you can see its last 3 (may be 4 for some) is always the same. Thats why i told you can approach directly by lib + offset. Here is full example for you according to my case. Try use this code. (Replace your codes) gg.searchNumber('456', 64) lol = gg.getResults(gg.getResultCount()) lol = gg.getValues(lol) -- if the twelfth is what you want! check1 = lol[12].value -- Lets edit now lol[12].flags = 64 lol[12].value = 789 gg.setValues(lol) --now we edited check2 = lol[12].value print('This is before edit: '..check1..'\nThis is after edit: '..check2)
  6. You searched 36 and 0~~0. But refine 1 and 0~~0.its nonsense. Refining is taking from search. Not new search itself! If in Xa, its better to use type dword than type double. More simple! Edit--> And yes i was wrong too. you edited double. But i did you use printing dword. Instead of lol.flags = 4 lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value) Use below lol.flags = 64 -- you changed double. Not dword lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value)
  7. If want change,you used wrong. It should be like this t[14].value = 9 gg.setValues(t) print('Done') As i say you can check saved file. Not to save only address! Check below photo. Address are always changed ever restart game. But Arrangement in lib are same whenever. Starter address may be started from address 0 or adress blah blah. But same arrangement. So you can use lib + offset. Idk your lib and offset. For my case,lib is libunity.so and offset 6ae934. Always check before code. print(gg.getRangesList(your lib)) I will code like this for printing the value. start = gg.getRangesList(blah blah) lol = start[depend info of lib] + 0x6ae934 lol.flags = 4 lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value) Do as you wish!
  8. If its in Xa region(code app), you can use easily lib + offset! No need to search value. When you get the address of that value,save it. And check lib and offset in saved file(.txt).
  9. Wrong again! When you use edittAll,you need to set flag(type). gg.editAll('5000', 4) --if you want change dword
  10. You used the wrong key. That must be i.e. gg.searchAddress('blah blah', -1, gg.TYPE_DWORD) -- or something type And you can use easily gg.addListItems() and gg.getListItems().
  11. results = gg.getResults(99999) for i,v in ipairs(results) do v.address= v.address - 0x44 v.flags = 4 end results = gg.getValues(results) gg.alert(results[1].value) I dont understand question clearly.If you just want to see value,why did you freeze them? But i hope this code help you.
  12. What feature should i put next? And i want to know if there is a problem of which script doesnt work. Im really excited!Thanks for using this script. I'm working now for 64 bit(but yeah same features as this 32 bit script)
    Thanks for this great script!
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