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  1. root your phone. its best solution for all phone, about risks i think there is not any risks if u will not do anything bad by urself. once again, i always recomend root, its best solution (especially if you want to start learning of programming)
  2. well, it install google play services, i remember it automatically installed all needed things for google play store , i could connect to google play games without errors. but sometime it cant be done automatically , follow tutorial form VX (i mean manually installation).
  3. go and install it from settings of VX.
  4. TopGEOYT

    arm32 editing... help

    ohk , but I do not think ""Vmov.f32 s0, #-1.0"" it will help him. this is almost incomprehensible to me too )
  5. TopGEOYT

    arm32 editing... help

    why dont you just editing it to -1 ? or what ever you want.
  6. such thing can be done, but it is large project, you should have enough knowledge fro it, also even if you will do it, it wont worl for all rooted phones ( some system blocks gg and normal apps accessing to some directories)
  7. I think It will be updated in future . May be after some weeks, may be months, idk yet.
  8. yes... for this time servers are stopped...
  9. TopGEOYT

    Please explain it

    just select region XA and do normal search.
  10. TopGEOYT


    you can upload this as template, if you will script it .
  11. there is encryption , which reserves whole opcode and makes unreadable for decompilers . its vip , you should pay for it, but you can be sure it will be safe. only one way of decoding is to rewrite opcode, but nooone will try it , since opcode is large and really obfuscated. also there is free ones , but they are simple ones... its your choise .
  12. TopGEOYT

    Tool AutoCompiler

    whats different betwen plus and non plus ?
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