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Class name and Field offset searcher


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Class name and Field offset searcher

Sometimes, we could find the value with gg. But in dump.cs, we dont know which value under which class is the right one for modding.

Testing one by one takes time. In those cases, how did you continue your modding journey? 

This script do search the class name and field offset of the value. So you will easily know what one to be editted.



-search your value.

-when you get the value, run script.

-script will give you class and offset of that value.





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1 hour ago, blocx said:

Script terminé:
class name is 

And field offset is 0x104

Actually, i make this script for modders. in dump.cs, the value you find will be like this.

search class PlayerProfile

check the field offset 0x104. its your value. If you want use hooking, aim that offset.


I'll also make a script how you can get the value using update void. So please wait a while.

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