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Infinitode 2 v1.7.13 Ingame Coin Hack Help

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Trying to hack ingame coins in infinitode 2, but ran into a hiccup and need help. (I'm still new to GG, to bear with me.)

I end up with 3 values of different types, all following the ingame coin count. But as soon as I change something, everything goes haywire. I saw in a separate post, the values are protected by fastRandom which requires a different value's change for verification. Since GG isn't a debugger, I can't find this check value. I tried using CheatEngine outside my emulator, but nothing lines up... Can anyone lead me in the right direction?



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The game have protection against memory editor, but you can still reverse the app, if you are rooted it will be cool cause you will use lucky patcher to change the source files without altering the apk signature so you can connect to google for online features.



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18 hours ago, MAARS said:

You probably know this already but items in your inventory can be changed in the same way too.

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