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  1. Trying to hack ingame coins in infinitode 2, but ran into a hiccup and need help. (I'm still new to GG, to bear with me.) I end up with 3 values of different types, all following the ingame coin count. But as soon as I change something, everything goes haywire. I saw in a separate post, the values are protected by fastRandom which requires a different value's change for verification. Since GG isn't a debugger, I can't find this check value. I tried using CheatEngine outside my emulator, but nothing lines up... Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
  2. I still can't find these check values. Can you walk me through how you did it?
  3. Sorry if i'm pestering you, I just started to use this tool last week.
  4. I got the 4 values as mentioned and added 4 0's (both add to value and not) as "fill", they all reset again. The topmost value is the one i'm trying to change.
  5. So how do you suggest I go about trying this?
  6. Trying to hack infinitode 2 v1.7.13... I found the address for accelerators (premium currency), but as soon as it's changed it re-sets to one. I tried freeze and freeze (may decrease) with no luck. Emulator is rooted with full access. (NoxPlayer) I saw another thread about changing the variable two addresses down and changing the first to make it reset, but this method was patched. Address for Accelerators: 135D67E0 (DWord) Note: The value is encrypted.
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