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Homescapes Golden Ticket (Item Swap)


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On 6/17/2022 at 12:22 AM, cisco72563 said:

Then @pabloesmambo88 the only last thing that comes in my mind is that, your Playstore (in Nox) could be on a setting of Automatically Update Apps over Wifi, due to which it might have updated the game to the x86_64 variant (since your emulator being a 64 bit one). My suggestion would be to turn off that setting and delete your Homescapes from Nox, then again download your game from apkcombo.com (remember to check armv8a) and install it in Nox, then, before opening the game, check your data/apps/com.playrix.homescapes/lib for the folder arm64. After that open your game and test the code.

my bad. i missed this part. again, thank you.

Screenshot (676).png

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On 4/24/2023 at 10:04 AM, MonkeySAN said:

- search dword in Xa range


- Edit


while above still working for armv8


but yours shown unavailable.

it should show the price.

i dont get it.

Edited by MonkeySAN
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