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  1. Hello @cisco72563 i’ve done unticking the number 1 and 4 but it seems nothing happen. Still unavailable.
  2. In my settings from 1-4 its all uncheck. so what i need to do to check the number 2 and 3 and leave 1 and 4 uncheck? ——— u mean the setting in GG for “hide game guardian from the game” right?
  3. F1VM is a virtual space right? So i have to download it and put my GG and Homescape in F1YM? And do the hack normally? Through that virtual space? have u tried? And is it working? Im not able to try ftm, cause i’m having medical issue rn.
  4. Okay thankyou mr Cisco, it showed 2 adress now. But when I’m completely done and restart the game, the golden ticket is not successful. Is it because i did this to my banned account? I saw the option is unavailable with i clicked the golden ticket. I already revert the changes. Still nothing after restart the game.
  5. Hello @cisco72563 i've checked my Lib data. its x86_64 . i dont know.. i installed from Apkcom*o but the file its not armv8 even tho i choosed that file in the website. also.. i already try bluestack. but i cannot install GameGuardian the file it shows like this.. for 4 days straight. my download always failed when i tried to download GameGuardian from official Website. (when i do with Nox) but when i do with Bluestacks it shows like this picture. NOTE : I even tried to get a new Laptop just for this things and still the problem is same.
  6. i've checked and its arm64. used to work for recent season. but for current season.. it doesnt work. idk why. also.. i never tried bluestacks because my Laptop Runs 8gb RAM. even Nox is a bit heavy for my Laptop. i watched some tutorial about installing Bluestacks. i'm kinda lost because there is a bunch of version for bluestacks. my Laptop Windows 10 64bit. and i also watched the tutorial for Rooting its a bit complicated and hard to understand. because im a bit dumb
  7. Hello Mr San, idk why mine its not working anymore. Device Rooted, Armv8 , i've done all things like. unistall the emulator, even try with other device. its not working. Any idea about my problem or what should i check. From last Golden Ticket is working but now. i cannot. idk why,, did i do sumn wrrong? Edit : also i downloaded the homescape from apkcom*o
  8. I’m sorry, yea I should more pay attention on the rules. Oh yea the golden ticket they already fix it. The code its not working anymore cc @MonkeySAN
  9. Thankyou so much Mr. San Patiently teaching me, for the stars hack and it works now. i wanna ask, is there any safe method to hack coins?? because or just normally search for the coin value and refine until get less address? i found out that if you hack coin more than 1.000.000 will be instantly get banned. thats why i always do 700k coin and refill it when its about to empty. but tonight homescape did massive ban. not only my 1 account my my 2 other account also get banned. so im kinda scared to use the old method for coin hacks
  10. I search Ca = 0 cannot find a single address. but when i search on Anonymous i found 2 address like what u ask. BUT when i go to the address. i cannot find things like what u told me. thats the problem because as u can see the data is different than the picture u share in this page
  11. in my gameguardian C aloc is 0 kb. usually every hack i use using Anonymous. in this video i'm not edit any value because i'm scared to get banned edit : turns out the video i record cannot be open the file log thing like that. because i'm using emulator Nox and use the Record Screen future but after completing the Recording the file cannot be show it says something wrong with the video log. Recap : 1. in my Search. C aloc is 0 KB. <- my thought is the game guardian not reading this on my emulator. 2. everytime i use level hacks,coins, i always use Anonymous and yes it Work. but when i search with C aloc i got none.
  12. I dont know.. when i search ca it doesnt shows anything. But if i search anonymous i got 2 adress like what u ask. So klik the 2 value and go to and find what you ask me to do but i couldnt
  13. I got 2 address. First value with bunch of numbers. Second value just 2. what should i change?
  14. So rn the best way to get star is to freeze it so u can spend the star? Instead changing the value? lets say i got 3 stars. So i freeze the star and spend it? I’m back to back about star topic none of that work for me. Especially when using uft-8. In my adress there is a word say “ear”- “neds” “star”
  15. How do i install homescape x64? I’m using NOX emulator rooted
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