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  1. Memory hacking can be very useful. 


    This is one of my favorite hacks I did. This is before I started using Game Guardian. Converted an inapp purchase to a general currency and made it free... 



  2. 6 minutes ago, rollerce said:

    Another thought would be freezing the quick cash timer at 0.

    I'll look into it. First time installing the game, probably same concept as building timer too. 

  3. I know it's not gems. But this is almost as good. I'll try doing gems again. No point in hacking gems if you can prestige. I'll find a way. This hack is great though (I think) :)

  4. Lol. Yes, sorry, quickly uploaded video before the gym. 

    So the meter for time remaining for building to claim reward is 0 to 1 floating. It's basically percent full. .5 being 50% etc...   Once you have found that value nearby the address above is the upgrade price for that building. Edit floating to 0. Now you want to edit the upgrade qty from 1 10 100 to something crazy high. This is a dword value.


    Side note, when you find a building upgrade price. If you scroll ~3 pages (scroll up for next building down in list) you can edit next building without having to search all over again. 

  5. Use what @Enyby posted http://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_java_online.php

    public class HelloWorld{
         public static void main(String []args){
             for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
                 long l = Double.doubleToLongBits((double)i);
                 System.out.println(i + " = " + Long.toHexString(l) + " " + Float.intBitsToFloat((int)(l >> 32)));

    change the range that is set from 0 to 30 to a different range. 



    Something like this

    public class HelloWorld{

         public static void main(String []args){
             for (int i = 68000; i < 68001; i++) {
                 long l = Double.doubleToLongBits((double)i);
                 System.out.println(i + " = " + Long.toHexString(l) + " " + Float.intBitsToFloat((int)(l >> 32)));

  6. Not negative values, sorry. Very very very small floating. I'm still messing with it. I know a modded apk exists, still nice to hack it with memory hacking though 

  7. The dword values your are finding isn't the correct value. 

    The value you are looking for is a negative value.


    Edit : after hacking gems, I can't prestige or buy cards. Close reopen game, gems go back to 0....  Might be another value monitoring earned gems and another monitoring spent... I'll have to mess with it more. 

  8. Counting up from 1
























    Values 1 through 23. If something doesn't seem right, I could've mistyped... 

  9. Please, need help with determining how values are converted. Here is a list of values in game and the Dword value of it:

    10        1076101120

    7458   1086136832

    7468   1086139392

    7478   1086141952


    2978   1084703680

    3056   1084743680

    3234   1084834816

    3254   1084845056

    3289   1084862976

    3299   1084868096

    3309   1084873216

    3334  1084886016

    3354   1084896256


    15492   1087259136

    15570   1087269120



    Hopefully @Enyby you can help me :)

  10. d*** @Enyby you know your stuff...  Maybe you could help me to figure out the pattern to values in another game? Very similar to this, but not a perfect pattern it seems. Maybe I could pm you with some of the values I have and you could help? 

  11. Every 4th value it becomes half again as much for the increase.

    4 values increase at 


    4 values increase at






    See the pattern? 

  12. Please please can you add greater than less than combo?


    Let's say I know the value is between 1076894760 and 1078894760. Being able to enter both and immediately narrowing results would be PERFECT. Right now I have to do one and then the other. But, as other random values change, they don't narrow results as quickly as they could. So I have to do 2 different searches.  I know I can pause game and yield same result, but online games are risky to pause and can cause sync issues. 


    Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work! 

  13. To find value that change location:

    Unkown dword search

    Have value change ONLY ONCE. 

    Unknown search increase (might not always be increase, but majority of the time yes). 

    Known value search. 

    And sometimes this is enough to narrow results for a single change on memory relocation each change. 


    Edit: this is assuming game doesn't have obscure values. If it does, it makes it even more difficult and need to figure out how it encrypted/masked the value. 

  14. With this latest update, Game Guardian is now hands down the best memory hacking app.  Thank you so much for your continued hard work and such a great app!! 

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