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  1. 1 hour ago, CodeKiller said:

    Still cannot work... Simple reason is that Archero is Ptraced...

    Don't see how you could bypass that.

    I will continue my method with old version of app (no ptrace).

    Try going to gg settings.

    Scroll to bottom of settings.

    "Disable protection for all applications (until reboot)"

    Enable that. See if. "patch loads". If it fails, never mind that.

    There is other tricks to try if this doesn't work.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Enyby said:

    Not always. Usually - yes, but not always. Base address can be not zero.

    If user understand IDA then he able use gg memory editor to go to need address/offset.

    But as I say - offset in file not always same as in memory. .so file is not load like ..dll. It is complicated process doned by linker.


    Know what... Might be il2cpp games. Offset of lib in memory and in file always the same.


  3. 12 hours ago, Enyby said:

    All this can be done now.

    And the libraries are not so simple. Libraries are loaded at boot time.
    File offset and memory offset are not the same thing.
    It is not always possible to find the offset in the file by the memory offset.

    In general, this is a complex topic that is difficult to automate.

    If you have the knowledge, you can do it yourself manually.

    But the start of library to the "offset" will always be the same distance. It's start point depends on that libs loaded location. So ANY ida offset edit can quickly be gg edit too.

  4. 4 hours ago, Enyby said:

    Most often not. In most cases, changes do not occur in the library, but in shared memory.
    But even if in the library, it is most often the memory that changes after loading.

    All this can be done now. Both manually and scripts. But it rarely works.
    The magical relocation of saved lists works something like this.
    The problem is that libraries are not always loaded according to simple rules and very rarely you can understand from GG how and what to change in the library. This usually requires IDA and a lot of knowledge.

    With live debugging and hex arm converter and gg, that's potentially all you need. 

    With lib offset, it will never change the offset. It's just where that lib starts in memory, which can be scripted to locate, yes.

    Could do something like, you goto launch script, and you have a check box, lib patcher. In the file would be a lib file name to be patched and then the list of offsets followed by the hex edit.  

    Just a thought ? thank you

  5. 2 hours ago, nalcwap said:

    thabks for this, i have a question is possible make the inverse, i mean with a code in gameguardian make a lucky patcher patch?because when exit the game he changes the address,thanks

    This is different.... This is like ida modifying lib file. Gg can modify lib file in real time. It doesn't save the mod. So you basically can have an unmodded game and apply offset edits to lib file with gg.

  6. @Enyby


    I've actually been doing more with Xa memory range.

    Think you will add a new section to gg, like a "lib patcher"/"lua"? The ability to set what lib to edit, which when you check xa memory range, you'll see lib name. Then you also have stored the offset and the edit. 

    The idea is you don't search "values" within the range like the video, but just goto the start of lib, offset, edit, done.

  7. 12 hours ago, idnme said:

    So.. can't make a lot of simcash with gameguardian again ?

    The method of editing directly still works.

    Price editing I think no longer works

    added 4 minutes later
    19 hours ago, asdadwasdxzc said:

    What do you meant? Do i need to use the search result of encrypted value based on magical address? Or i should new search the encrypted value of trait exp? The problem is idk the value added on exp trait.

    Can use encrypted to find one of the currencies. Then the value below it, search that. Save results, offset -4. That list one is the xp of trait. I would edit only couple at a time, until you trigger the level up of trait. Revert the edit, for you might be stuck at the level up screen. Then change the value by small amounts. 

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