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  1. 1 hour ago, razgriz1315 said:

    thanks for replying bro :D

    I got result like this, after trying restarting game over and over again T-T
    then I go to address in the first list and I have no idea where to edit it... I try to compare with your video guide but is not the same (not by value BTW)

    BTW your video guide hack in Simcity Build was work perfectly :D

    Edit: Finally found the value in your video guide... its located far away in above 2 address below, thanks for guide It really works :D



    I apologize for the difficulty on following the video.

    I chose this method for it doesn't matter if you have new account or old, this works.

  2. On 3/16/2018 at 1:29 PM, loyloy said:

    @NoFear There is a update ( (
    I believe these values are not accurate anymore, so is it possible for an update on this?
    Thanks for sharing =)


    47 minutes ago, BlueMan986 said:

    @NoFear Yeap, I cant find values on newer version, if you can update... Also, when IGG wil be support OREO, am on Huawei Honor View 10, it find value, but cant edit... :(

    I'll test on latest version.

    I know the update before latest it still worked.

  3. 17 minutes ago, LindCoulee said:

    My skills are in following instruction from others work  so I would like to know if this can be used to change chat dialogue in for example Golf Clash?  I would like to change "nice shot" to "nice shot dumbass"  or something like that  can it be done  we find and  change number values why not words or phrases  thank you in advance.  Any time of yours would be greatly appreciated  

    Yes, you can.

    Unless the text is a file in memory. Editing text is best to keep character length the same. So instead of "nice shot"... "Holy shit".

  4. 42 minutes ago, WERSUS2812 said:
    Hello dear developers, try adding another detour to the anti-cheats because there is one game Block Strike there when you enable GameGuardian writes GameGuardian Detected and the game crashes with a stop at the ubuystvom game does not help and with the search for the game when it is collapsed, too, before XPrivacy, but they are also Detect did try to get around the anti cheat for games like it!

    Not worth it on this game. You'll get your Google account banned.

  5. @Enyby

    With the string search and replace, how does this work if string is abc and you want to replace with cdefghijklmn

    You can't replace with a longer string or else you end up re-writing values nearby... Or can GG insert and shift? Also with the re-writing (with Last day on earth), their is a value above the string stating how many lines of text their is, which obviously won't work on this game if string length changed. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Enyby said:

    Impossible for another regions. Not deterministic location.

    added 1 minute later

    But gg try rebase all values in any regions which have name. E g. Not anonymous.

    Is it possible to do like an offset saved list? 

    Find 1 "master value", add to list. 

    Then add others values based on offset. 

    Then when you save it, you save and choose which is the "master". 

    Next time you search that value, one you find it, you goto load list (must have the "master" value in list). 

    Then it will auto add all the addresses based on offsets. 

    Might be unnecessary or excessive... 

    What's your thought?

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