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  1. Does ordered search. Numbers is 1 3 4 2 If search 1;2;3;4:20 then it founds upper. If 1;2;3;4::20 then not.
  2. You tried to repeat actions? You need to specify address or it doesn't work. Except if address in code app.
  3. Rs92ks


    Give full script. This script is not work.
  4. Just edit it if vaue not recreated on other side. Already setted on h1=gg.getResults. You can edit h without searching again. Search only if values recreated.
  5. zxc is linked for search,clear and get results. We searching 3 numbers and saving to h1,2,3. You can edit it. No more searches if your numbers not changes. Else u can search and set h1,2,3 again.
  6. z=gg.searchNumber x=gg.getResults c=gg.clearResults z('1000;2000;3000::9',4) z('1000',4) h1=x(3) c() z('1000;2000;3000::9',4) z('2000',4) h2=x(3) c() z('1000;2000;3000::9',4) z('3000',4) h3=x(3)
  7. Rs92ks

    Score! Match

    Game maybe server-side or if u cheat u will ban.
  8. Rs92ks

    Known problems

    Video GG crash
  9. Rs92ks

    Known problems

    GameGuardian Input bug: Paste search 123456789;123456789 Remove 123456789 with pushing button remove (1st part without ;) Get : landscape - crash GG Portrait - Loop History
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