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  1. Switch selinux work mode
  2. Hello, it seems for everyone is different path here See ~~8sa...==? And in launcher-EaUR? I don't think it will work as expected.
  3. Rs92ks

    Help continous edit

    You need to save your searched value, and change it. You can use loops with sleep for continuous edit
  4. screen-20220923-211625.mp4 Reply me after you hacked
  5. Rs92ks

    gg.prompt error

    Remove [1] from prompt [1]="number"})->[1]<- remove this if xp == nil then goto e end
  6. Rs92ks

    gg.prompt error

    no full code, add nil checking.
  7. Rs92ks

    Help please

    Maybe out of memory, log not contains info, that i can understand.
  8. You can't, downgrade android or use emulator(not sure)
  9. ofc it does have root access, just a reasonable restriction for a script.
  10. Rs92ks

    Cant set to false arm64

    it works for me, returns null(false)
  11. You need to convert dec to hex for get 0xFF like address
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