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  1. I looked but honestly did not understand) apparently I know very little for this) Is it possible to attach something like this to my script? Or will I have to create a new script from scratch?
  2. come I didn’t understand you or I didn’t explain correctly) the screenshot shows life; damage 580; 301 then I enter the values for example 120; 43 I execute the script it changes me the values in the game. I repeat the procedure again, when the script was executed, 580; 301 remained in the variable input field, but did not change to 120; 43. And I want to understand whether it is possible to do so that you entered them in this window and the value was remembered.
  3. Thank you. Great work. And you do not know by chance whether it would be possible for the script to memorize the numerical value that is driven into [1] = '580; 301 so that it would not constantly change it. For example, today I need the value 657; 402, and every time I run the script, I need to change it, so that I can enter it and remain there without editing in the txt editor. data = gg.prompt ({[1] = 'life; damage', [2] = 'desired value', [3] = 'do not change'}, {[1] = '580; 301', [2 ] = '99999', [3] = '999'}) I think it will be clear that Google translator)
  4. Thanks for the help, I completed the script, there is one question left: how to fasten the freezing function after changing the value.
  5. Understood with the blablabla) but lost the search and editing values ( Without Prompt I looked like gg.searchNumber ('580; 301', gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0.6) double value, how can this be implemented now? And so that after searching change all their values, for example to 77777
  6. How to link this block so that it works? what you need to add or register. to get from Godemode to PROMPT. Thank you all just responded to help. I'm just new to this.
  7. Good afternoon, I encountered such a problem when making a script with the PROMPT function, after choosing an action from the menu it does not translate into the PROMPT window, it gives this error. Tell me what you need to fix the screenshots and the code I’ll attach. excuse my english at google translator level
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