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    thanks for leaving credits.
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    Thank you for clicking this, when the first time I use GameGuardian, it's a whole new thing. Some of you may know "Roblox" and I exploit there so I know a little bit of rLua (roblox Lua) but not actual Lua. I'm always wanted to try exploiting on phone, especially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I am happy to use GameGuardian since it was similar (not exact, in fact this is more powerful) to Cheat Engine. I will try learning Lua, THANK YOU FOR READING, I NEVER GET ATTENTIONS FROM PEOPLE
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    SIMCITY buildit hacking war cards after level7? (#bmgqlqyc) All hackers cheat only by playing 0pb (android / data / simcity / files / 0.pb) content that includes game data (including account cloning and card level maximum level 15).

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