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  1. Doesn't work, my phone is rooted. I even tried to change the value by myself, doesn't work. At least we know EA listen to the community and not only for money
    This doesn't seems to work.. My phone is rooted and yet, still doesn't work. I even tried to modify the values by myself but I failed. But hey, at least we know EA is not a lazy trash company that only wanted money and don't want to listen to the community.
  2. So it's almost un-cheatable? And if they're some flaws we can use, it's rare to find? So uhh.. The values of things is stored in the server, when make a purchase of anything it will connect to the server?
    This works amazingly fine! But I'm confused on the "Endorance " hack, it's not clear so please made a video about it, I appreciate your hard work.
  3. My device is rooted (KingRoot) and speed/skip time doesn't work.
  4. Hi, I know how to change the value but it's visual only, and if I buy things the game will restart. Any help? (My device is rooted by KingRoot)
  5. Thank you for clicking this, when the first time I use GameGuardian, it's a whole new thing. Some of you may know "Roblox" and I exploit there so I know a little bit of rLua (roblox Lua) but not actual Lua. I'm always wanted to try exploiting on phone, especially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I am happy to use GameGuardian since it was similar (not exact, in fact this is more powerful) to Cheat Engine. I will try learning Lua, THANK YOU FOR READING, I NEVER GET ATTENTIONS FROM PEOPLE
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