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    RULES: 1. This thread is not to replace the requests section, it is a way to bring more complex problems to my attention 2. I can garantee nothing, I will try to fufill requests but I do also have a life I need to live 3. I accept NO RESPONSABILITY to what may happen when using any of my trainers (a work in progress )/hacks/tuts/etc, 4. adhere to the rules or else ================================================================================================================================ I totally forgot about this thread hahaha... It is open for business again Please note, if it is a request that does not hold anything "special" about it and for an ordinary game please do not post it here as I will give you warning points. This section is ONLY for games which you have not been able to find elsewhere. Make a request first in the requests section and if you do not get a solution for here or somewhere else link me to the request here. I am starting to work on the Android platform again, so lets see what comes up! Once again: DO NOT ABUSE THIS THREAD. If you post JUNK I WILL PUNISH YOU LIST OF FULFILLED REQUEST: Erm.......
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