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  1. you already told us that it is a server sided game+ its online. no way you can hack the credits for that.
  2. this game is not hackable in my opinion.
  3. do you have any for online mmorpg games?
  4. w [added 1 minute later] well done mate. this game is good but the community is trash. cant make a custom party with other players.
  5. ahuranazda


    why cant i install the latest version of GG? both SW AND HW failing.
  6. i have only basic knowledge with regards to modifications. sorry cant help you.
  7. also fast shoot. haha. my suggestions was based on the scripts of someone i saw in youtube.
  8. too bad this game is heavily protected. gg will not work with this game
  9. can you add fast get resources?
  10. just find the damage/hp/mp much better. item is just visual for most online mmorpg games
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.apkpure.com/mt4-lost-honor/com.efun.semt/amp ANY POSSIBLE EXPLOIT HACK LIKE UNLIMITED HP/GOD MODE/DMG HACK/1HIT HACK Tried cheating? well yes, but the only changes are virtual. even i search encrypted values still no luck.
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