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  1. Real Racing 3 works well with freedom
  2. you can just use freedom. it's working fine with real racing 3
  3. i think that NoFear's one is the best and easy. it works for all versions and players
  4. i contacted the support... _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later i made a new account and only hacked the potbucks and am still not banned. i think that the only safe cheat
  5. download Kingroot apk on your phone and root it with 1 click
  6. @StarlightAlexa @Riyazoddin how did you root your device? download root checker from play store to check if your device is properly rooted
  7. @NoFear i think you got banned because of the popolation. because when somebody visit your dispensary and then your town he can see the popolation and report you
  8. @NoFear can you pls tell me how you hacked the pot bucks?? it's like 1 hr that i'm trying to hack it.
  9. try clearing the app cache/data and restarting your phone
  10. uninstall and reinstall the game how many coins and xp did you enter? make sure the coins are not high than 999999 and the xp 4999
  11. while we are waiting for the pot bucks video i want to say that I found a simple way to hack the coins and xp do a group search (dword) of the job board request but dont modify them. just send the van and wait until iy comes back. Now modify the value and make sure to "freeze" after modification.
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