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    Don't make two threads just for the same thing. The admins will not like it if someone spams the forum with the same threads. As for Brutal Street 2, I tried to hack the first game and the second one as well (when it was in early access). Both times, it didn't work for me. But more than that, why would you ask the developer whether their game is server sided or not? You are basically letting them know you want to hack it or are intending to do so by asking such a ridiculous question.
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    Actually, the voice on my channel, isn't me either I don't have time to video edit or make in depth videos, so someone offered to do it for me.
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    Mediocre Gamer was/is stealing my work... As for that game, I haven't bother to re-hack it, I think someone has a working method... Could be wrong.

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