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  1. datguygamer

    [REQ] Brutal Street 2

    I am interested. Did you happen to make that video though? Thanks in advance.
  2. datguygamer

    [REQ] Brutal Street 2

    YES! (y)
  3. Thanks man. You are great.
  4. Sometimes when I mass edit to find the value, the game crashes. Yes, I know it can happen but is there any way to avoid that? Because if I don't mass edit, I won't find that single value. If I do it, the game crashes.
  5. datguygamer

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    I found that out after I posted that. So that's not an issue anymore. Wraps hacking is still one though.
  6. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    Haha, I was actually thinking of a Paypal button in your profile (I don't know if that is possible or not) which is why I got confused. Also no need to make a video. Just a simple list here using text will be fine. I believe you enough to know you won't be faking stuff. 5 $ is just fine. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later He is also in Sbenny forums and also I guess you can contact him directly via his Gmail link he posted above.
  7. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    Where's your Paypal link though? Also just out of curiosity, what kind of features will your script contain?
  8. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    https://gameguardian.net/forum/subscriptions/ There you go.
  9. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    Well I am interested in supporting as well.
  10. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    No need to hurry man. Also is a club that important? If we do get 0 points or whatnot, what is the issue here?
  11. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    How would you edit the packets?
  12. datguygamer

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Anyone have the latest data hack files for v2.12.1?
  13. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    Oh wow, nice.
  14. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    I am confident in your abilities but I am guessing the method will be for people who don't share unlike that guy previously. EDIT: Still wish tokens and VIP points were hackable in Asphalt 8
  15. datguygamer

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    I can't hope given it's Gameloft and this is online but any chance of hacking currency?