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  1. Further edit: Figured out the whole process. I basically have a fully maxed roster right now at rank 380 with 2 billion gold, gems and emoji charges lol
  2. Okay i worked that out but when I opened that file, I don't know where to edit for characters or my mission rank. I want to make my mission rank max. NVM: Found that out but when I edit the file and insert it back, the game stops loading.
  3. How to edit json files? What program did you use?
  4. Anyone? @NoFear can you help on this?
  5. Want to hack Polished Amber and other currencies using Game Guardian. Is it possible? I am trying to find the values and edit them but the values don't change. Any help?
  6. It is also happening on PC (which I use to access this site) and there is no uninstall option for that. What I had to do was reset my password, but yeah this is definitely annoying.
  7. I do not play this game nor do I intend to but I read the instructions on the hack and I have to say this so think of this as a public announcement (or however you see fit). @NoFear has dedicated so much of his time and effort in creating such a comprehensible and easy to follow guide, so if you really consider his guide as "helpful", do consider donating to the guy. Not just this game, but he has been helpful in a LOT of games and I am certain he will be in the future as well. So I do think he deserves donations for his work and for making the method public instead of keeping it private.
  8. Might be a bug in the site at that time.
  9. Well, what I am curious about is: Does the edited value stay? From my experience, whatever you edit in Jurassic World reverts back after you close and re-open the game.
  10. How to hack Respect Points?
  11. Can I message you in PM? Would be better to have it all in one consolidated place?
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