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  1. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Thank you. I will try.
  2. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    I was just messing around with GG. I want to play the game again but the ID changer won't work. It still shows the same id when I try to open the game. Any suggestions? Frankly, I just did a Text search with "premium_user" and it came up for me.
  3. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Actually it's because I managed to hack VIP 10. I closed the game and came back after 4 hours and when the game opened, I was banned. BlackRidge Rivals has nothing to do with FOR ME. Well, guess I am off No Limits then. It was a fun ride.
  4. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Welp, got banned this morning. Anyone help?
  5. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Can you ask him and share the hack?
  6. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    So then the hack is useless?
  7. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    And here I am trying to edit an amount of 231700 event cash, and it still doesn't work. Yes, the value changes but whether or not I am replacing or adding, it still gets reset when new currency is added on top of it. God dammit.
  8. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Still, didn't work. Out of curiosity, how much cash/ event cash did you have when you edited it?
  9. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    So far these are things that has worked for me: 1. Gold (For me, gold works in just 2 values) 2. Scrap (1 value) 3. Tuning Points (3 values) 4. Blackridge Points (7 values) 5. Spnsorships (1 value) I just need to hack either Event cash or Cash because Even Cash will be converted to normal cash anyway. But none of them is working. Plus, there's the issue of Race Skips.
  10. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    i will try that and post back. Weird how gold works for me like nothing but cash? Nope.
  11. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    So I can edit event cash and normal cash but the value is getting reset. I am getting only two values for event cash but it is still getting reset. How did it work for you guys? _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Highest value of all currencies is same; even for other games.
  12. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Yeah, but that process is tedious as hell as well. My guess is we need to have over 5000 Race Skips to get smaller results as you can see from the screenshots, 4810 still yields 17 results. This is gonna be painful...
  13. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    That isn't working for me as the game freezes then. Editing everything won't work.
  14. HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    Basically Supercell's "near perfection" is making the game server sided. That's it. If the game was offline and still had similar protection, THEN I would have agreed.
  15. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Huh, that is weird when all other currencies can be done but not race skips. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Yes, purposefully waste fuel and buy fuel with gold. You'll get 3 bonus Race Skips. Being a VIP helps even more. Also the daily missions award Race Skips.