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    Name of Game: Puzzle and Dragons Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google....gho.padEN&hl=en Version if you know it: 6.4.2 What cheat? Health, Attack, RCV 1st Let me say I did not create this I am not the owner. I found it on another android hack site and I am sharing it here. Wasn't sure if I should leave it VIP or not so I errored on the side of VIP. I will provide a link to the original thread if anyone wants it. This Bineditor is in japanese but it is used to make the attached bin file which then lets you hack puzzle and dragons. bin editor : https://www.dropbox.com/s/e3dgnhnd103j7eg/padBinEditor.exe 100x ATT, HEALTH, and RCV : Down at the moment Steps: MUST BE ROOTED Use something like Root Explorer Copy the linked data021.bin and place it in /data/data/jp.gungho.padEN/files long press on the data021.bin and select permissions make sure that only read access is granted for the data021.bin. (uncheck all write) Hope this is explained good enough.
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    - As you said, i think you succesful hack your hero with my method? - You can hack for all hero DAMAGE by check all values and edit DW to 1999999999. But this will hack for all hero on HBM mode, Dungeon etc... When you successful hack for your hero, only his MIGHT is changed and you can only see this changing when set him on HERO BASE and view his infomation. - As i know, we have no idea change HP and SKILL of all hero at once. - Make sure that your phone is rooted, and sbgamehacker is stay on the version i attached on #1 post. - Luckily, if you do as my instruction, all value is seldom changed, that means hack still apply after you minimize your app and you will easily find hacking value in later.
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    Well, in that case it works, but I confirm it's not every time :/
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    After version 1.2.46 and 1.2.47 upgrade, hack line for hero sometime comes huddle. So, you should check 12 lines below blue line first, this line say the level of hero you are going to hack. If this line has right value then you'll apply the hack. If not, check for some hack code above and below, i think 2 lines above first hack code is the best choice (try this value first). Eg: This example is solution for AFG0KILLA case. 1. You have a 6 star Thunder God and you find 56 is hack code for him. Go to "Edit bound memory", check the value of 12 lines below blue line. If that value is 120:120:120:0 => right value => apply hack. 2. If that line says 80:80:80:0 => this hack code is for 4 star Thunder God => turn back to hack code and go to value 58 => check again, and apply hack (it must be work). It easily find out value 57 is hack code for Thunder God 5 star, 55 is hack code for Thunder God 3 star, and so on. 3. If that line says 160:160:160:0 => this hack code is for 8 star Thunder God => turn back ... and go to value 54. 4. If 2. and 3. is not your sittuation, you must find out each value above and below value 56 till you find the correct value for your 6 star Thunder God (120:120:120:0 in 16 lines below blue line). Fortunately, you just find 2-3 values above and 2-3 values below 56 P/S: I confirm hack trick for gold and mana for upgrade does not work for all case.
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    I created a guild named GameGuardian. (I used Google Translate )
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    Now, when any patches happen you'll want to pull your original data021.bin and data036.bin files and put them in the same folder as padbinEditor.exe. Once you open the program up it will default to data021.bin, with everything blank. You'll have four buttons (data021, data024, data036, data056). Now, with data021 selected, directly above the click buttons there are the three file menu selections. Not sure how it'll look if you're using Windows with anything other than English as default, but after several japanese characters you'll see a letter in parenthesize. ######(F), ###(E), ####(O) Like that. Under the (F) menu the only option we really need to worry about is the very last one with (S) at the end. It's used to save your changes. Okay, with data021 selected click the (E) menu, and click the fourth option down from the top. It'll be the only option that has a ( ) in it. That will bring up a menu that has 12 boxes in it, all with 1.0. The only ones we really need are the top six, 3x3. The 1.0 represents the base stat value. So if you want to change Hp, Atk, Rcv to 10x, change the 1.0 to 10.0 for those top six boxes. Once you've got your values changed to the X percentage you want, click the bottom right button to apply the changes. You can click the drop down menu after the data0## selectors and select one of the monsters to see the new values. With that done, click the (F) menu, and then at the bottom the (S) option to save your changes to data021. Now click data036. Same basic premise, click the (E) menu, and select the option all the way at the bottom that has lvl max listed within it. That will max out the skill level for all skills. If you want to edit turns for individual skills, just select them from the drop down menu. The first number on the right side, under a drop down menu, is how many turns before a skill is active. Once again, click the (F) menu, and click the (S) option to save. Just copy the files back like you would when installing the mod and you're good to go whenever a new patch appears.
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    the most epic shet ever. and when i get around to making a vip version i'll share to vip who follow my rules to get the share. currently sleepy will work on it this week. taking a day for jenneh i has some PLL to catch up on :3
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    Zepher i will show you how to mod them if you are still there somewhere
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    Try using GameGuardian or GameCIH, There seems to be some problems with GG and writing to process memory

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