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  1. Big Business Game Insight International MODED! :)

    1. Cooperb
    2. Onlykl


      :D but still cant my railway :-(
  2. Drag Racing 1.5.4 Modded! :)

    1. Onlykl


      Also Crime Story Modded! ;)

    2. levi1


      plz help me !!

  3. Fishing Diary 1.1.6 Modded apk! Coins and Shells! Modded by CheatDroid Team! Download: http://ul.to/m6oh7nk2
  4. Fort Conquer 1.0.4 Modded apk! Gold, Crystals and stone produce! Modded by CheatDroid team! Download: http://ul.to/w8zzss1z
  5. Defender II 1.2.9 Modded apk! Gold and Crystals! Modded by CheatDroid team. Download: http://ul.to/o3f1z7ck
  6. Zepher i will show you how to mod them if you are still there somewhere
  7. Yey, modded Dinosaur War, Fort Conquer and Defender 2! :)

  8. Onlykl

    Hi im Erick..

    Hey Eric, welcome to forum
  9. Looking for someone to teach me how to modd games :)

    1. 770


      pm d2dyno

    2. Onlykl


      He never answer me :(

  10. Onlykl

    How To Crack In-App Billing Games

    ermmm can someone help me?? When i open Extreme Skater 1.0.4 i deleted parts of code you said d2dyno i get this message when i run game: Can't make purchases The Market billing service is not available at this time. You can continue to use this app but you won't be able to make purchases. What to do?
  11. Onlykl

    Freedom problems (how resolve all problems) !

    I have same problem :S
  12. Onlykl

    Android Trainers/Patches

    I do not think so. There is no way u can hack server-side games unless you have access to server or some bug to inject packets
  13. Onlykl

    Android Trainers/Patches

    When will be beta? I would like to be beta tester
  14. Onlykl

    App: freedom-0.6.1.apk

    Does it works on Inotia4?
  15. Onlykl

    Android Trainers/Patches

    It would be nice to make premium for VIP members