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  1. General Troubleshooting guide

    it's easy to root u r android phone the easiest way is to download king root application to u r phone otherwises you can watch tutorials in youtube good luck
  2. Offering 8 ball pool $10,000,000 coin accounts

    last time hacked that game using many methodes but always get caught and banned ,, 4 n00bs u can use xmod games it's the more secured way good luck
  3. It's already 5 years

    AHAHAHA i remeber those days when i first registred to this site,, was 16 years old a hight school student, was kinda geeky and loved being deffirent from others , i kinda loved all the tech stuff and to be more precised the hacking stuff started with games with all those great fellas @d2dyno and many other friends ,, one thing is sure ,, my english still sucks xP honestly miss all those days, sadly didn't have any minute to waste cuz now i'm law student and economy student and having classes at many other instuties,,, xP xP if u need any question post it, i'm here for the rest of the day
  4. New team members

    Good luck ^^
  5. kinda miss those days when i was able to do hack hope i can be useful again
  6. Anyone installed Windows 10 yet?

    i first updated to the beta version that came out first but faced problems with my devices so downgraded to windows 8.1 once again updated to windows 10 after officila coming out but didn't wait to downgrade once again windows 10 was like a nightmare i couldn t support it soo many features missing i decided that windows 7 is the best for me and my computer
  7. Modern combat 4 hack [MOD] [1.1.0]

    but still unrecommanded because you may get banned if possible try making mods to hack billing service besides you ain't get full sensation of gamming with such cheats
  8. Modern combat 4

    all i did is buy the app when showed up first time then baam cheat cheat cheat now i don't know the newer methodes but what i have done is use the iap app freedom to hack multiplayer coinz i don't think it ll be easy now to hack but u can try downloading the 1 st version from google and try iap if doesn t work you can move original license files to the downloaded app if doesn t work try to hack server xP i only have one account hacked otherwise i would share it with you fellas good luck http://s21.postimg.org/bay548412/Screenshot_2015_09_17_18_03_32.jpg
  9. hi all VIP's im the new one xD

    welcome bro thanks for supporting the forum and may the dark side be with you
  10. Clash of Clans

    hi u can hack it but using android emulator in pc and usnig sezrvel hacking apps also u can get u r self banned if you get to suspissios search for tuto in youtube
  11. Modern Combat 5

    i tried it but still in love with mc3 & 4
  12. Sup guys!

    wasup bro hope u like it here
  13. Skype credits

    hello there is more than a way to hack skype credits but not using android phones also u can get you re self into real legal troubles soo don t try it regards