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  1. Yes modding is hacking, but GG's hacking isn't modding, it's memory editing. So modding is not really the point here.
  2. What do you mean exactly by engine, a VM? you can do ot without an emulator or VM, it's modding.
  3. Oh yes i'm on huawei. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I've looked at this post, but this didn't solve my problem, since I don't use the hide GG feature (my GG is last version, all set to default, just Xa memory range activated), and I'm not rooted. Cannot edit value in XA memory (#4psizyrt) Anyway, I tried a while ago on my older rooted phone to change a value in a game (True Skate), in Xa (code app) memory range, and it worked well. Now that I have a new phone that can't be rooted and that I use parallel space lite or virtual xposed (i tried in 2 different virtual spaces), I can't change this value in Xa. When I say I can't change it, it isn't like what happens when a value is repeatedly written over by the program. Here the value just doesn't change at all, even without it being refreshed. I remarked the Xa and Xs memory ranges seem unwritable on every program in my virtual space. Is it normal that it seems nothing can be changed in Xa or Xs from a virtual space? Because on a virtual space the app is cloned so all the code app should be under control...
  5. Maybe contact an admin like Eniby or just download the last version that worked well. I try to always use last version. If you're using a VM it may be quite unstable so maybe that's the cause.
  6. Try fuzzy double search. [added 4 minutes later] Tell me where you are stuck pls. It will save me a lot of time because making videos can be very time consuming and maybe you still won't understand. Idk what you mean exactly.
  7. Once you found energy you should be able to easily find health. -Go to the address of the energy value of the character. 1) Change your value format to see Doubles in the memory viewer tab, here is how: -Go in the menu (icon on the right of the one to edit value, with 3 stripes). -Select "value format" and enable Double, push "ok". 2) Find your health near your energy value: Your health is the yellow value (Double) separated by 1 Double before your energy. PS: Apparently there's an anti cheat after a certain level, so maybe it will prevent any modification, i don't know.
  8. @ishakk Ida is a disassembler made for Windows mac and linux (PC). You have a freeware version there https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/download.shtml If you don't know what ida is, or what is a disassembler, you'll need some time before being able to do something with it.
  9. Use the little button with 2 sticks on the top left corner of GG to pause the game when GG is open (do it before launching the fight). Then launch the fight and wait for your hero to have his/her ultimate Do exact search Double for the value 1000 (this is the energy required for your hero to toogle his/her ultimate) use ultimate directly refine for 0 You should find only 1 or a few values, just change it/them to anything ≥ 1000 and freeze it to have infinite ultimates for your hero.
  10. It doesn't seem to work on a game called blade crafter, with 3 pointers chain. Do you know why? I'm not sure to understand exactly how your script works... It is looking for pointers to pointers a [depth] number of time, but how does it selects the pointers? Just by filtering the results to only have those present in .bss and .data memory regions as said in the download page, or do you do something else? Because if you have any tip to find the good pointers an easier way, i'll take it! (I tried reading and understanding your lua code, but i can't since i don't know the language...)
  11. Depth is the number of chain pointers you can have. It is when you have to work with multipointers. The more depth, the more results and search time, but also the more chance to find a static pointer. You can let it to default but if you don't find anything, try a bigger offset or a bigger depth, 3 should be eniugh for most games.
  12. Thanks, it's not perfect but these are the bases :). Yes I know some games using pointers. - If you never worked with pointers, you can look for "zombinizer". Money is pointed by a value and its address changes. Try to do it yourself first, but if you have a hard time, you can look on there: Hack zombinizer (#7231b1l8) - You can also look for "blade crafter", where you have multipointers and encryption, I learnt a lot with this game. You should try to figure out how to hack it by yourself, but if you have a hard time, you can read what follows. If you want help without me telling you everything, ask me ;). --Don't read the following if you want to do it yourself-- You have a main structure where pointers for almost everything in the game are located (currencies, blades, upgrades, minigames data, other stuff,...), and these pointers most of the time lead to a 2nd pointer (2 pointers for diamonds), and even sometimes to a 3rd one, pointing to the value you want (3 pointers for money). Some multipointers change every single time the related value changes, like money or diamonds. I have 1 post on this forum about this game, and a video where I only show diamonds and money, but you can see how it looks like and follow other pointers of the main structure if you want. In my post on the forum, I show a list of descriptions for almost every pointer in the main structure, but it may have changed with updates. I didn't understand well how money was stored or the diamonds encryption when I did the video, but if you need help ask me. post: Blade Crafter (#79dvu88p) video:
  13. I've not really tried because i'm almost certain it's server sided. So I think not but you can still try, maybe there's just an encryption.
  14. Maybe you have stuff that increases/decreases your energy on your heroes, or the values change a little. Try to fuzzy search for a Double with "increase" when you get energy and "unchanged" when your at max energy, and you can still search for 0 after the ultimate is launched. Once you found the value, you can check if max energy is still 1000.
  15. Oops I wanted to say "shouldn't put a like" in my last comment, not "should", lol. Yeah you can still try to find exploits, but I think you'd better let currencies if you don't want to waste too much time...
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