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  1. not the same, example some games that not work in non root work in root phones,of couese is diferent
  2. try other virtual app if same error
  3. nalcwap


    what is your phone, android, firmware*?
  4. nalcwap


    bro the screen he post is from tap counter , i think he not use the fixed virtual spaces
  5. nalcwap

    unity guard

    yes i understand, but what make me thinks why other unity game have this
  6. nalcwap

    unity guard

    ok thanks, the error is same when i try a non mod paralel spaces and try atach to the any game process
  7. nalcwap

    unity guard

    yes i know but non root not work bro, is have any trick to find where is the protection?thanks
  8. nalcwap

    unity guard

    yes i think is some protection but only the enyby can explain more
  9. nalcwap

    unity guard

    try and see if is same error, let me gess the error is 9
  10. nalcwap

    unity guard

    one question is the harry pother show same error like this?
  11. if you want offline gools or gools loose is easy, online i not test because i have a problem in tablet wifi loss signal and keep me out internet
  12. what you mean?you ask memu or nox , this are emulator pc apps, you can have root in emulator pc
  13. nalcwap

    Memory and error 9

    one question are you use the virtual spaces fixed or the normal from playstore?
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