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  1. thanks for add this great feature
  2. nalcwap

    Unknown value

    let me gess online game?if not online and have x86 libs you can use the time jump to go more fast
  3. and other thing good for pointers help this great tool script Chainer (#9qju1cat)
  4. nalcwap


    this depends of the games storing , not have any formula, you need search
  5. can this extract .dex from .oat file ?
  6. i understand, but i gess not possible, only if exist other trick, i not think been possible
  7. sorry bro if not work then this can not be possible been fixed
  8. nalcwap


    what app?you mean gameguardian?depend the device is android or emulator ,choose depend the device in this link https://gameguardian.net/download
  9. one question is vmos need high storage and ram?
  10. press the name he post ,you will go to him to pm him
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