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  1. sorry the wait where the screenshot be save with gg? [added 2 minutes later] very thanks bro, edit , i put gg.setVslues(t) not give error but not show the changes
  2. what wrong i want add E40 offset and edit that address but give eror com.shinybox.smash wrong add offset E40.lua
  3. i mean some values not find when reset only if is in game, thanks bro
  4. i have this how add the offset and go to there and edit? gg.searchNumber("9904B8A0h", gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1)
  5. i generated this search with gameguardian to generate the lua script but it not save when in go to offset and go to the value and change, i want continue this script by go to ADDRESS i search and go to there and add offset F0 and edit in the new address that value, is not possible the generator save thats changes?if not how put in script to go to that address by offset more F0?thanks com.shinybox.smash.lua
  6. can please add a option in the chain to put a offset distance?i mean one value not be find with the chain but i find other value that is show and the offset betten the 2 values is same , is possible add that option to find the other value?thanks
  7. extra slots i not know but more atk in magic meteor i find
  8. farm heroes saga lifes work , i try in tap counter not find why?
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