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  1. press the name he post ,you will go to him to pm him
  2. try this DO_Multiple_Space_Parallel_Accounts_and_App_Clone_Pro_v2.20.23.0108_src.apk
  3. game dead is ram or can be protection to close the game?
  4. see this video 79.0: View text in UTF-16LE - GameGuardian (#90o1zjcx)
  5. you need to check the type of value to utf or utf16, select the checks
  6. nalcwap

    help virtual app

    ok, because it crashes, the normal not crashes
  7. nalcwap

    help virtual app

    bro one question you can open this app?because it not open,thanks
  8. nalcwap

    help virtual app

    is possible change this app to work with gameguardian? thanks SandVXposed-
  9. nalcwap

    Game guardian

    is your paralel spaces from here ?because if not can be the problem i think if im not wrong
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