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  1. t find b y search by encripted value in last values equal value of gold not the other i freeze all and change, if correct you can update and the value changes, but need freeze values, i not know make scripts, the pther values you ask i not try because i not know what values are the K values
  2. the gold is in region anonimus, you need to fredeze the values see this screen
  3. 6money and diamonds yes, level i not know if is visual or correct, is in region anonimous , you need freeze
  4. yes this show but works in the device i test in a x86 tablet , show that error but works
  5. same ,ofcourse great app thanks for make this great tool
  6. nalcwap


    thanks bro
  7. nalcwap


    is possible post a simple game hack video with this new options>?thanks
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