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  1. bro he means the optimision versions be blocked by game devs ,the normal version work because not optimised ,whats tyou not understand
  2. nalcwap

    Mario Kart tour

    ok lol, sometimes some emais(not mean spam) can be there thats why i think this, lol but if not sent thats the explanation
  3. nalcwap

    Mario Kart tour

    try see in spam folder if there
  4. one question are you search exact value?because what i see in this video the cp value not same equal value, try search unknown valu changes
  5. sorry you not understand, when he mean optimised is for that app run the gameguardian there but he not make any mods, is not the same
  6. nalcwap

    Fix Virtual Xposed

    wrong local to ask fix, he not the creator of virtual xposed , sorry bro
  7. nalcwap


    bro are you joking?
  8. ENYBY i read from here ... in a unity game there were a special memory range (which wont change) allocated for Assembly-CSharp.dll. , my question is gamegfuardian can read this by atach the process?
  9. this files can be open with text editors because are simle text format
  10. android app not, , sorry
  11. sorry bro wrong place this is android app not iohone
  12. please not send your password, you have pc>?if yes try use any emulator with root, is best this
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